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Currently my this profile and FaceBook profile are different. I want to merge accounts and further on log in here with my FaceBook data.
How do I do that - do I need to delete this account and then register, using Facebook, or I can switch somehow, so that next time I log here with FaceBook account?

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Fading memories...

When memories are fading, revenge is not correct answer. I came to talk to other side, conquering fear and anger. Now I`m proud to be half-Jew.

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AsShalom Aleykum!

Today in Latvia is rememberance day of Holocaust Victims.

Just wanted to say, that I love you and appreciate Your peaceful wisdom. For such a hot and ever-burning Arab, I still have plenty to learn from You...Take care and please, don`t allow it to happen again.Never.Whatever it takes.

I want to share some sound with You:

And some ALIVE…


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I love u. Yes, I know - shortest-ever-made message from your enemy.Record.Yeah!

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Dear Brothers!

My beloved Sons of Caan,

please listen, read, remember, tell to your kids...

For the sake of nation,for those kids,grandparents,fathers,mothers...

For the sake of my grandfather, who died in 1941, ...



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Same mirror-different reflections

Why we have to hate?

Better we should create...


Don`t stare in mirror no more,

Lookin` at me...


Ask no questions...



Because you die.

Staring in mirror and seeing enemy.

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Finaly I sat tell you - I`m spreading. Since this day my "controversial" lifestory will be found on too.

Some posts will be both here and there,some just there.

Toda raba, shukran for reading my posts and keeping in me will to continue.

If any of you has own organisation and wish to be advertised, please contact me @



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Thoughts about Shalom...

Od yavo' shalom aleinu...
...I hope so...
...I had enough wars against you to start see you in my mirror...
AsShalom aleykem!

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Please help!

I'm searching for my website ( title page picture of Jewish and Arab kid hugging or playing
or laughing (or in other friendly environment)
Hence I don't want to copy-paste such from googles,I ask you...
If you have such photo or picture,I would appreciate if you could share it with me.
I'll give credits to original source.
If you are interested in helping me out,please send the picture to
Thank you!

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I'm controversial.

Some Arabs in Latvia had called me controversial-@ 1.I govern Al-Shalom(maybe they think so because it's not

As Shalom?),@ 2.I like CFP,@ 3.I'm a woman,and so active!

But the most controversial thing that they can't even imagine-I'm half Jew...

Maybe the fact of me founding Al-Shalom never could be understood if people will continue to stick to the idea that in me lives enemy.

People, get real!In this world,full of hate,live many HALF JEWS-HALF ARABS AND ARE PROUD &… Continue

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Sorry for being inactive here with you all.I must tell you,I have a lot of work to do since I created officially my Peace project=)

I will be glad if you visit it and express your oppinion about it...

Here it is:

Shalom,Salam and please remember that we are living on one tiny home-Earth.And we are responsible for every step we take on it.But which depends on how much you care about kids.

Yours sincerely,Al-Shalom-...still fighting,but now… Continue

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Al-Shalom - member of Anna Lindh foundation!


Dear friends,

I`m more than proud to announce that my project, devoted to 1) rock&metal music from Israel and Arab States;

2) peace between us

Now is member of Anna Lindh foundation ( that unites organisations from EU and Middle East, devoted to cultural relations of these seemingly…


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Dear Jewish people,


God, let me be that Biblical Iskariot - betrayer - of own politics, of own people who live in such way.

I`ve came to one point today - if it`s heavy hate you have, then, re-thinking all, it is most pleasant love ever existed.

Many don`t believe in such "peace-makers"...they hadn`t hated much...

Toda raba!

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My sincere gratitude to God

I wanted freedom from rules of my religion and I said: "God, I leave You".I suddenly heard silent whisper: "You will come back to me"

I have seen many since I left - pains, miseries, hates and wars...I`ve hated my brothers, I`ve hated myself.

But one day my enemy turned to me and smiled: "Why you hate?"

And I stared with wander to my enemy and whispered silently: "Please, come back to me"

I am grateful to Him that He showed me that peace can be achieved only when…


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