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Boutros Boutros-Ghali,

By the death of the former General Secretary of United Nations Boutros Boutros-Ghali, our world lost one of the greatest "peace-builders". Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the person who addressed the expressions of “Agenda for Peace” and "peace building" 

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Which Palestine do you mean?

… individuals, groups, and peoples prefer to ignore the reality, in light of the fact that they lack the capability or in experience aversion to face the actual facts on the ground..........or desire to live in myths, illusion, mirage, false imaginations or location-based mythology.........or they, perhaps, enjoyed living as colonizers, mercenaries, and perhaps slaves.........In addition to playing the role of the defeated, oppressed, or…


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Eretz Israel and the Israeli dream

For all Israelis, there has only ever been one dream a “Jewish home land”; “to the Jew as a man – everything to Jews as a nation.” In the same sense, the researcher considers that the real fruit of the Israeli experience is the recreation or rebuilding the “State of Israel” in the “Promised Land”.

Actually, there are many historical and religious aspects to prove the Israeli/Jewish right to the Holy Land or Palestine, which are derived from the Hebrew Bible and the patriarch’s…


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The Arab Mentality from Islamization, Palestinianization, to Cantonization


In my opinion, the true catalyst which brought about the Palestinian dilemma is that the Arab-Palestinian mindset believes that Palestine is part of the Islamic and Arabic world; what's more, most or all of them think of its soil as sacred. In addition to the dilemma extending from the end of First World War to the present, could shading and tainting the Arab societies by three chronic lesions; first Palestinianization of the Muslim/Arab mentality; second, Islamization of the…


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The Palestinian Dilemma


how's it going.
actually I wanted to share with you my latest two publications in my field.
however i considered the expression the "The Palestinian Dilemma " in the…

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The Israeli Experience

Dear all peace builders,

actually  i would like to receive more suggestion and attention from you about my new two publications entitled; The Israeli Experience “Part one”: The Land with a Unique Geopolitical, Historical, and Religious Case; “Who is Fighting and What For?". and; The Israeli Experience “Part two”: Struggle for the national leadership between Herzl’s dream, Weizmann’s soft diplomacy, and al-Husseini’s recklessness.…


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Hamas proud of killing its people

It appears that Hamas is on the same footsteps of Jamal Abdel Nasser, where it Spark war In order to achieve political fame, then offer the Palestinians for genocide by the mechanism of the Israeli military, and after a military defeat in the war against Israel, Hamas falsifies facts and declare that they triumphed over Israel, so am going to review some results of the recent war in Gaza as follows:…


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“The Way to Sustainable Dialogue and Peace”

  • In my opinion, there are many types of dialog, but I focus on the dialog between moderates of religious, political, and civilian sectors in Middle East.
  • In new middle east - after transformation in the power - people in Arab countries must start with Political reforming and moving  toward democracy during the civil constitution to become a protective fence\framework from extremist thinking, and be a real supporter for the deployment of a just and lasting peace in this…

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Useful link


Hello all friends, I like to invite you to read some report in this link about: A Few More Unsung Heroes.

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