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The Philosophy of Language for High Impact Communication and How to Be Coached to Ultimate Success

Two most important traditions have empowered the study of language in their separate and very different ways; however, the two topics of the study of language are hotly debated by linguists like the

sort of synthesis of philosophical grammar and structural linguistics begins to

develop. The two most important traditions of study and assumption that I…


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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Persistent Failure and Become a Winner

The truth about the physics of positive emotions may not always please moaners, and losers, especially when you try, with your best of intentions, to help them overcome their own limitation.

People will always resist that which they cannot understand. They will always tell you “this is how we brought up and learnt to do things” even the…


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10 Tips For Dream Goal Achievement Or How to Create Dream Goal

1. Set An Intention - the power of understanding your intentions for whatever you desire to achieve in health, academia, or wealth is the key to your power.

2. Maintain Integrity - there are sets of rules to allow us to live with integrity by obliterating procrastination and keeping agreements with yourself and others is critical to your success. Old habits are not easy to dispel and therefore It is essential that you do your daily mental cleansing of your past beliefs and… Continue

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Lucrative High Return Investment Opportunities for long- term Investment Opportunities

ZiziWorld is “An educational engine of learning that drives the local economy by transforming lives”


“Our mission is to meet the educational personal development and mental training needs of our communities by being an excellent provider where all learners are empowered to realise their aspirations and achieve their dream goals”

Keys to Success

The keys to the success for ZiziWorld MindGym are:

• The creation of a unique, innovative, upscale… Continue

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The Mystery of Sound systems and The Power They Have On Our Lives

If sound systems that are composed by musicians, scientists, and music engineers were not relevant, then, we would not had bothered to spend billion of pounds creating music, films and documentaries, or bothered to go to the threate, cinema and gala events.

What is it about sound systems that intrigue mankind of all races, cultures and creed? What is the mystery behind these sound systems? What would a child moves to the music without… Continue

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The Psychedelic Emotional Drive To Success

The stream waves of emotions drive us to inspiration and elevation. Reason? Effective life mastery comes from a deeper awareness of the stream waves of consciousness that lies within us. This knowledge can only be activated, and acted upon when one makes the time for learning and comprehending the neuro-dynamics of emotions.

Bankrupt Vocabulary

People with ‘bankrupt vocabularies’, live impoverished lives;… Continue

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The Enigma of the Subconscious Mind Control

Why is there so much emphasis on the subconscious reprogramming?

Why do celebrities hire hypnotists and therapist?

Why sports Olympics are coached by sports psychologist?

Why do scientists still study the mind?

Well, consider this, the average adults has the subconscious development like that of a child

Why is it so?

The average human being spend 15 years in school

During this long period, he or she are… Continue

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The Viral Belief that Plugs-into our Brain at Night

The way the entity of viral beliefs plugs itself into our brain, and damage our full potential, is so different from how our brain is actually wired, and designed to empower you. Each night, you are vulnerable when you fall asleep as the entities of the viral beliefs pervade our nervous system, and render our state of mind a cacophony during the day.

The experience you are having affects the destination you are heading… Continue

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Neuro Cybernetic Visualization of ZiziWorld

Definition of success


1. S: sense of direction

2. U: understanding of the self and other

3. C: courage, the courage to go for your vision, for what is ethically and morally beneficial for the world

4. C: compassion, having compassion, means overcoming our heart of conceit

5. E: esteem, developing self esteem by overcoming the ‘poor me syndrome’

6. S: self-acceptance, accepting ones… Continue

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Losing and Winning in Life is an Internal Game of Linguistic Syntax Structure

What do I mean by internal game? The thinking we do, the feeling we entertain, and the syntax (string of words) we utter inwardly are all part of the internal game. The key factor to winning and or losing in life is the use of syntax. Syntax are string of words which form the basics of our language use. I am talking about the psychology of the use of language.

The notable Noam Chomsky, who has revolutionized the psychology of language, and describes human linguistic competence in… Continue

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The Power

Peace can be achieve through a shift in consciousness. Winning and losing is an internal game. Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. Once we all participate in the mental and emotional training, cleansing the mind of error, and the heart of conceit, we then arrive at the finish line of success to achieve peace, and start all living the blessed life that God designed for us to live on this earth. Enjoy the Article.…


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The One-Click-Away Portable Coaching System to Make the World Do Your Bidding

2010 Audio Coaching System to Make the World Do Your Bidding in Click Away is truly enigmatic

Is it possible to attend two days seminar of breakthrough success and become successful? Do you really believe that? Is it possible you attend two days seminar course on the law of intention and become intentional and be able to make winning decision? Is it not a rip off to pay some seminars £1700 + VAT just to listen to a sermon like… Continue

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Your Syntax & Semantics Determine If You Are a Loser or Winner

Your life, your health, and your financial status including your happiness or depression are shaped by your daily use of linguistic syntax and semantic. Everything that is around you including the things that you are complaining about is a direct cause of your syntax and semantics. Also, other people’s syntax and semantics affect how you think, affect how you feel, and the kind of life you live in.

For example; syntax and semantics of… Continue

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The Power to Win First Time Every Time

1. First, select what you want to win

2. Second, Project it on the screen of your mind for as long as it takes until you win it

3. Thirdly, while you projecting it on the screen of your mind; expect it as if you are expecting your lover, husband, or child to come back from work or school

4. Fourth, be ready to collect it

Emotions are molecules of energy that are the cause of all manifestation

Emotions are what we… Continue

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My 11 One Liner Tips

Tip #1 No man becomes rich until he enriches others

Tip #2 there are no exceptions to this law, it is an infallible. Speak well of others at all times. This is a critical key factor to your success.

Tip #3: Set yourself a definite goal and write it down in your dream notebook NOW

Tip #4: Think for a moment and write down all the reasons why you can’t be successful if you are feeling… Continue

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Million Dollars Idea for Light & Wisdom, For Total Recall & Freedom

Fear is embedded in the nervous system, some of it conserves us, most it paralyses us, thus prevents us from becoming our full potential. N.V.LS.E is an antidote to fear & anxiety. Fear creeps in into the nervous system, affecting blood circulation, leading to disease, and premature death. N.V.LS.E is an antidote to fear. Seeking the truth, means being honest about how we feel, no need to pretend that you love your job while in fact you hate it.… Continue

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Peace Through Education

Conative or Conation is thy instinct - are you using your instinct to success?

Conation is the connection of knowledge and “affect” to behaviour. It is associated with the issue of “why.” It is also the personal, intentional, planful, deliberate, goal-oriented, or striving component of motivation. In other words, the proactive — as opposed to reactive, or habitual — aspect of behaviour.

To succeed in life, you ought to listen intensely to your inner voice, define and also get… Continue

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Philosophical Reflection on ' Certainty'

Seeker of Knowledge, Lover of Wisdom

What is it we do not understand, and what needs to be understood, that is the intelligible question we must ask ourselves when our brain runs wild in search of certainty.

The human brain, unique in the entire universe in its complexity, composed of over 200 billion nerve cells. Each cell has a purpose, and unique in its function. Each nerve cell links and joins in an enchanted appearance of over quadrillion… Continue

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