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JStreet's phenomenally inspiring Conference in Washington DC

Not only did I get a chance to connect with founder Eyal Raviv, but I also met Mitchel Plitnick and other peace activist writers at the 2nd annual JStreet convention at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. The first day's session, Saturday, featured many inspirational presentations including by JStreet President Jeremy Ben-Ami and by award recipients that included journalist Peter Beinart, Israeli activist for Palestinian rights in Sheikh Jarrah Sara Benninga and…


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The misleading spin on the Palestine Papers story -- hatred rather than insight

The Palestine Papers do not expose the traitorous leadership of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but rather expose the under belly of the false arguments of the extremists on both sides.


The Palestine Papers show that the Palestinians have made a genuine effort to compromise offer Israel the MOST GENEROUS PEACE OFFER EVER (do those words sound familiar) and instead of accepting and embrace peace, Israel's government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the peace…


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Thanks Hagay ... we need peace

Hi Hagay ... I was not able to post this in response to your email but here it is:

Thanks Hagay ... I am proud to support what you are doing to bring our people together for the right reasons, to discuss peace,not blame each other, to say good things about each other and to work to change our own people to do the right thing, and to look forwards not backwards at the distance past. We do not forget history but together we need not argue our different views of history.…

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Ccriticize yes, demonize no

I am always amazed how each side always blames the other but never assumes blame of their own. How many Israelis write me and tell me the Palestinians teach their children hate, and never acknowledge that they too teach their own children hatred of the worse kind. Hatred taught by people who are victims is more anger. hatred taught by people who are the victors is unmotivated by anger and is more hatred.

But when people can't see their own faults, that is a bigger challenge…

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Challenges facing American Arabs, from racism to political extremists: Radio Chicagoiland Monday Jan. 11

Producer and filmmaker Usama alShaibi joins Ray Hanania in discussing with guests on "Mornings with Ray Hanania" radio the challenges facing American Arabs and their experience in America with guests Laila alHussini, the morning radio talk show host in Dearborn, Michigan. Also, Victor Ghannam, a musician with singer sensayion Safa Dahan, discusses Middle Eastern music and their performances in Chicago.

The show was broadcast live on WJJG 1530 AM Radio Monday January 11, 2009 and is… Continue

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Palestinians can't achieve independence or peace unless they are willing to confront the extremists

Confronting the extremists is as important a necessity as it is building dialogue and support among Israelis, the Jewish community and the West. It is a FACT that the pro-Hamas bias in the Arab World media and the rejectionist views of many of the activists leading the fight for the rights of Palestinians are doing so not to achieve peace but to 1) reinforce Hamas as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and to prevent peace based on two-states.

The people of… Continue

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Interview with Bradley Burston of Haaretz Newspaper on peace in Middle East 12-30-09

JAN. 2010 -- Interview with Haaretz Columnist Bradley Burston

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Tragedy in Wonderland, the rejectionist drive to destroy their own people

It's one thing to be optimistic. But when you replace optimism with fatalistic hope, it is irresponsible and even selfish.

How else do you describe the bizarre, although articulately expressed, assertions by Ali Abunimeh, the presumed successor to the late great philosopher Edward Said, that Israel is "failing?" Published on Abunimeh's web site "The Electronic Intifada," where Abunimeh pines for the… Continue

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An American Arab Christmas

Marking an ‘American’ Arab Christmas in ’09


My mom was so proud when we joined the Joneses and purchased an aluminum Christmas tree in 1962.

It glistened in the light of the three high beam spotlights of green, blue and red. I’d sit next to them as a kid and melt the plastic toy soldiers on them, much to my mom’s chagrin who was more concerned that I’d burn my hands.

Fake Christmas trees. One job. One home. One wife. That was the mantra… Continue

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Yalla Peace Party to form Chapters in Palestine and Israel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Ray Hanania, Dec. 20, 2009

Yalla Peace Party to form Chapters in Palestine and Israel

Chicago – Yalla Peace Party founder Ray Hanania today announced that supporters are being asked to form Yalla Peace Party Chapters in Palestine, Israel and throughout the Diaspora to promote peace based on the two-state solution.

Hanania, a Chicago radio talk show host, satirist and syndicated political columnist, unveiled a… Continue

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We have to achieve peace within ourselves before we can bring peace to our people

There is an answer for everything. We can deny each other as often as we want. It's easy to do that because we know that if, as aPalestinian, deny Israel, then I know there will be a segment of Palestinians who will cheer me on. It also is comfortable in our history to deny Israel.

It is the same for Israelis. They can deny palestine and Palestinians because there is a segment in their communityw ho will cheer them and praise them and give them personal satisfactionf or saying what… Continue

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How come we have such leaders, not like the Japanese? (Jerusalem Post Column)

I hope you can find something humorous in this column in today's Jerusalem Post on the wife of the incoming prime minister of Japan saying she has traveled to Venus?

Ray Hanania

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Palestinian activists cut their noses off to spite what's left of their face

Here's a letter I received from "Daoud"

It pretty much explains the insanity of some of the Palestinian activists in the United States who know how to say "No" but can't say yes to anything except their own failure:

# # # #

I don't support the Israeli labor party.

Do you support the Israeli labor party?

It is the party that is led now by Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense (war) minister.

It is the party of David Ben-Gurion, who gave the orders… Continue

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Campaign to help Palestinian member of Knesset exposes problems facing peace

I knew I would open up a hornets nest with this one: I am organizing a benefit to support Nadia Hilou, a Palestinian Israeli Christian Woman member of the Knesset in her re-election bid ... with a comedy show featuring the Infidels of Comedy, the Christian Arab Comedy group I organized to help promote an awareness of Arab Christians in the United States.

And of course, I am getting calls from some Palestinians who say I am a "traitor" for supporting the Labor Party.

They… Continue

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You have to join the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour GROUP to call me names

Hey everyone. Join the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy tour blog and you can post there and I will answer. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I was in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic the past 10 days and while there it was funny that there was a huge mix of people. Russia. French. Polish. Some Americans. And, Me, the lone Palestinian, and a dozen Israelis and French Jews. I spent most of my time kibbitzing with the Jews and Israelis. We had a blast researching Cuban Cigars -- I didn't… Continue

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Not that enthusiastic about the so-called peace proposal

It's always so depressing. And it just gets worse. Buidling walls may slow down violence between two peoples but it won't stop it. Peace will.

So Israel has proposed a peace plan to the Palestinians. The Israeli government wants to keep all of the major settlements in the West Bank and the land on the Israeli side of the Wall -- remember when everyone said the Wall wasn't permanent. It can be torn down. Don't worry! It's just an effort to stop violence and bring about… Continue

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Introducing the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour

I helped co-found the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour in November 2007 so that Palestinians and Israelis could actually come together on a comedy stage and use humor to help change the hardened attitudes of Palestinians, Arabs, Israelis and Jews about each other. The Israeli partners include Charley Warady and Yisrael Campbell. And the group includes Aaron Freeman, who is an African American Jew living in Chicago where I live.

While there are several groups that partner Palestinians… Continue

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