18th Summer University Tamera - Towards A New Culture

18th Summer University Tamera - Towards A New Culture

From Refusal to Re-Creation 01. - 10. August 2012




“The draft of a desirable future, one that a growing number of people will find plausible and realistic, is the number one priority on today's agenda.” (Dieter Duhm, from "Towards a new culture ". The book is available for free as a pf download! Just visit :

In the year 2012 we are facing the breakdown of the systems, which have essentially determined our lives so far. The existing economic and social structures have had their day. We will no longer invest our energy in preserving these systems, for we can no longer see any perspective within them. 

From New York to Athens, from Santiago de Chile to Lisbon, we have been out on the streets for months, gripped by the call of a new future. We will no longer let ourselves be appeased. We realize the dimension of the catastrophe and we know now we have to respond with solutions of the same scale.


The world of the human being has to be recreated from scratch. It is about a future without war and violence, a world in which no being will have to suffer anymore. A world which cooperates once again with nature and all co-creatures, and thereby makes future wars impossible.  A world which is without losers. 

For if life wins, there will be no losers. 

These are no longer unrealistic dreams. Today, we as human beings have the social, ecological and technological knowledge required to bring such a humane society into fruition. We know our innermost basic needs of trust, love and community. We know which power of solidarity unfolds amongst humans if we find fulfillment here again  The coexistence amongst humans can again turn into an everlasting source of  vitality and of fulfillment. Then we will no longer need to consume or chase after vicarious satisfaction. We know the immeasurable wealth of our planet. 

It provides enough water, energy and food for all of its inhabitants, including humans, for free! We will no longer accept that this is an unrealistic utopian ideal. It is natural. Through the creation of new  living systems based on cooperation between humans and with nature, we open the gate towards a humane, post-capitalistic world. 


We call upon all who are no longer willing to wait, upon all who do not want to give up: Let us come together globally to start working on a new future! Let us establish autonomous centers in which new thoughts can be concretely put into practice, where they can be taught and learned - these will be the global signposts and models for a new age. Let us establish centers of education and universities in which the knowledge of a new epoch can be taught. Let us learn the professions necessary to serve global peace. 


Currently, there is no more profound request than the creation of a worldwide movement in all its solidarity and power that uncovers new, realistic possibilities for the human future! For more than 30 years, an outline of a societal idea for non-violent coexistence has been developing in the Peace Research Center of Tamera in Portugal.  


We want to use the Summer University in Tamera as a base station, experimental field and training opportunity; for here we find a realistic basis for the upcoming work. 

In the name of life. 

For a future without war. Venceremos!


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Coordinator: Johannes Ewig

Course Fee: based on donation

This work of a societal restart is definitely not only the task of those having the financial means to do it. Therefore this event will run on donation basis – also here we rely on the new power of a growing global solidarity. Everyone is called to actively contribute to the funding of this event, and to participate according to their financial possibilities in order to make the participation possible for all. 

We are looking for donations, contacts and creative targeted ideas! Spread this invitation and this appeal, and help to find those donors who like to support us in this work!


Languages: German / English / Portuguese / Spanish

Accomodation: dormitories or large shared tents 

An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost. 

Food: vegan full board 

Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the event 

Registration:  or  +351-283 635 306 

August 4 Open day:


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