We reside in the lower worlds of God where darkness or the void is most prevalent.  In the higher worlds of God above the Soul Plane of existence the light of God is most prevelent.  The ether or breath of God is present equally in both the higher worlds of light and the lower worlds of darkness.

   There are three main aspects of God which are infinite.  These are the light or spiritual love, the void or darkness, and the ether or breath of life and understanding.  In meditation when we focus on these aspects of ourselves we are focusing on those same aspects of our Godlike natures of our own beingness.  The only difference from humans and God is the scope of beingness.  Human spirits are finite while God's spirit is infinite.  But by meditating on these infinite aspects of God and ourselves we become greater and more Godlike or infinite.  We take on more of the light and breath of God and also the infinite void when we allow this to expand our awareness of creation and raise our vibratory rate of our soul.

   In 2012 the light of the Sun will become much more intense for many weeks or months.  Our sun is the stepped down version of the light of God in these lower negative worlds of God.  With this increased intensity of the sun's light, the void, and the ether of God are also much more intense.  Our physical and spiritual bodies will be surrounded by a much more intense ocean of light and ether and the vibratory rate of our spiritual bodies will expand greatly as will our spiritual understanding.  All people will be much more energetic and forcefull.

   With this increased energy and forcefullness will come wars as many people will try to force their will upon others.  This is the negative aspects of darkness expressing itself.  With this increased energy fears will be magnified and the wheat will be separated from the chafe in many wars and violence as negatively prone people will seek to calm their own fears by taking from others or dominating and harming others.

   The spiritually prone peoples will seek to avoid wars and violence at all cost except to protect their own selves and others.  But self defense will not be to protect material property, governments, or oil in distant lands but only loved ones and their local means of survival that need protection.  It is not oil and the western materialistic way of life that needs protection in far off lands.  It is simple living and learning to be self-sufficient in food, water, and shelter that are the true needs of man.  Then the spiritual nature of man is free to grow without fear and want of the basic necessities of life.

   2012 is a time of great energy but also of great peril as those who are prone to violence will tend to express this in wars and violence.  And thoses who are prone to spiritual betterment will make great strides in spiritual understanding and experiences.

  2012 is a second chance for humanity on Earth to get it right when the lights go out for a time and civilizations must rebuild and reinvent itself again in a better sustainable way that does not harm the future generations of life on Earth.

   To prepare for this time of trouble and great increase simply mediatate on the infinite aspects of God and listen to your inner voice to guide you.  -- J.E. Ante

All of my 100 plus articles online can be reposted, translated, and reprinted anywhere without permission. -- J.E. Ante     


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