20th Day and Counting: Gazans and Sderot Residents Non-Violently Protest TOGETHER for Peace

Dear friends,

Last night I received a message from an Israeli woman I had never met. She found me because of another woman I never met, and all of this because of a Social Networking Website. She lives in Sderot:

Hello dear Scott,

Thank you very very much for all that you do for peace in the middle east - warms the heart !

I heard from clu that you have some connection to people in the Gaza strip. I am highly interested in having connection with them. We are working on having mutual projects in our way towards having peace in our area. is that possible ?

With all respect,


I immediately thought about everyone I know who might know someone in Gaza looking to find someone like Merav. I emailed all of them this message along with her contact information.

I am writing this here for a few reasons:

1.) It touched my heart.

2.) It is an example of the amazing new power that everyday, common people have in this conflict. With the power of the Internet, it is unbelievable what we can do from our living rooms, offices, desks, and schools. I hope with all of my heart that everyone who needs to be connected through these sites will be, and that eventually, together we will make a paradigm shift. As an outsider, I always feel humbled and privileged that YOU, the people of the region allow ME in. I know you don't have to.



ps - This is the website of the courageous woman who contacted me: The Other Voice

According to their website: "Other Voice is a grassroots group that has no political aspirations. We are citizens of the Sderot region and the Gaza region. We are interested in finding creative ways of hearing a new voice from the region and for promoting hope and non-violent actions for the benefit of the locals who live here in Sderot and in the Gaza Strip."

Imagine if everyone on this site put their collective abilities towards a massive public display of solidarity between Gazans and residents of Sderot to end the violence? Maybe, just maybe, the big media outlets would cover it? For once, they would have to stop sniffing for blood and be forced to cover peace. Then, imagine if this massive public outcry didn't end....Imagine it going on for days, weeks, and catching on in cities, towns, and capitals throughout the world.

All it takes is some imagination, a lot of courage, organzation, a video camera, the internet and some will.

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