In my personal-official site there is a forum called set a party. Since most of my site is in Hebrew & revolves about my Israeli (mainly musical) activity, & since the party is meant to run to the Knesset any way, the forum is in Hebrew. Hebrew speakers among you are invited to look it up in it. The url is & in Hebrew it’s: פורום להקים מפלגה.
Anyhow, what is it all about? Well – since I think Israel should improve its ways in so many maters, & since I don’t see any party that exist here & that has both (or even at least) a platform that I can identify with & leaders that I trust & that can make it, & since that feeling was common to a lot of people I spoke with at the time, I thought we could give it a chance. After all – theoretically anyone can form a party & get elected.
So I formed that forum, presented my way, & enabled the idea to gather momentum & public through that platform. Parallelly I released few songs of mine that had to do with the subject. Actually – one of them is the represent of my ideology = the party’s ideology in a song. A song with relatively a lot of lyrics;)
However – up to now I haven’t succeeded too much in those deeds of mine. Nice idea maybe, but (almost) nobody joined me, & my efforts to gain it exposure haven’t made it too well as well. So, in theory the possibility is still there, but in practice I’m trying to put my efforts elsewhere these days.
Maybe I’ll support some other party, maybe I manage to influence the world & to make good in it somehow else. Anyhow – the ideas the party is about are expressed pretty good in the song I mentioned. I want then to bring here its translation* & if you wish you can go to my site (there’s an English home page to it – I think I’ve already mentioned…) & listen to it &/or watch its video clip. So – here it is:

In synoptical omnibus (a better world)

Let's make us a better world
To minimize the wrongs & the inanes I aim
We'll change the way we conduct people
So our lives will be just & moral/affirmative
We'll nurture responsibility dignity & quality among us
It's possible I believe we can

The religion we'll restrain in its situs
As a thing in which finds solace
The beauty & the fun in faith & praxis
Without missionary & coercion others
The religion caused enough wars
Its spacious influence must changed
The logic is sometimes elusive cold & cruel
But live & let live is the dogma

Wars are absolutely bad
Let's choose instead a path of compromise
Beyond that the killing is awful
They over cloud much the daily life
& in order to be right & virtuous
it's a need to get into others shoes
to see the grievance in our way
& to compensate & to make peace with those who's our legs trampled

many of our systems require revolution
for example army education health police & transportation
in education small classes & quality teachers
in health more parity & more physicians
public transportation that will reduce air pollution
will make us time & will reduce accidents to reasonable scope
absurd but the army & the police should be less violent
needs to become efficient to change causes to replace aims & to be human

people deserve the right to live according to their choices
not to become enslaved to not more than artificial conventions
sexual freedom advantage at work & even drugs
& not to constitutional be offends & predatory

there are many ways to contribute to the society
it's possible to obliged a little & encourage much & fight the authority
where it's a bit hard & also unnecessary
to let go of commitment to an estrange world

as well the threats that are foreseen of the nature are big
whether with a connection to us & whether without
there is what to do in order to get ready & prevent
so less horrific disasters could strike us
they threat statistically but tangible
& their place in the agenda should be palpable
cause also medium calamities are frightening
& rare apocalyptic are also reality

so after asteroids that should be moved it's proper to spy
against earth quakes & floods to build correct & to drill
& in general to continue the research & the development
& to apply so the rest of our life will be more secure

the planet warming & the ecologic trauma it is necessary to rein
the seas rising droughts pollution & famine are not just a dream
& it's certainty possible to choose alternative conduction
& without harm our life quality to remove the threats

video clip by Ilan Nachmias

*as I mentioned before – my English is far from being fluent. My translations tries to be pretty literary rather than artistic, although I guess even so they are not very clear cause I have to use the dictionary. So – apologize, but that’s the best I can do. Hope they are clear enough. By the way – my English is improving since I entered the site. Now it’s not so difficult to me any more to write in English, tough I still feel much less capable then in Hebrew. One of the things that really helps me, besides the practice, is to write what I want into word & than copy-paste it into the site. This way I find the mistakes immediately, & can correct them with ease. Simple, trivial, but helpful. Sometimes I have to complete that with Babylon as well. Anyhow – I guess my English still sounds somewhat funny or incorrect – to fix it entirely will take its time & exercise…

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