Are you selfish??!?!!!

There is a Chinese legend tells that the woman lived with her son's only happiness and satisfaction even
the death and kidnapped their son.

Ms. very grief at the death of her son but did not lose hope, she said, but went to the village asked Wise
Him to experience as necessary to restore her son to life no matter how or difficult
Those recipe

Sheikh al-Hakim took a deep breath and displaced the mentality then said: You ask recipe, Okay, so l'll
Lee mustard seed and one provided that the house had never known sorrow, and are vigorously
Ms. revolve the entire village houses and looking for its mustard seed from a home not
Never knew grief

Ms. Pope addressed the opening with a young woman and I asked him whether Ms. knew this house
Saddened by? Women smiled and replied in bitter Is this only knew my house all the grief?
And are telling them that her husband died a year ago, leaving four of them girls and boys
The source of maintenance only sell furniture house, which had left him little

Ms. very affected and tried to ease the grief and the end of the visit they became friends .There was no such close let it go until he promised to visit again, he missed
For a long time ago that opened her heart to him one complains concerns

Before sunset Ms. entered another home and have the same requirement, but the frustration soon
Struck when I learned of the woman that her husband home very sick and not when dining
Adequately for their children since the risk of quickly forgotten that helps this lady I went to
Market and bought everything with money, food and words of oil and flour, she returned to the Lady
in her home and helped them to cook a quick meal for boys and shared with the feeding and then invited them
I hope to visit in the evening the next day

And in the morning, Ms. death went from house to house looking for mustard seed and long -
Discussed, but unfortunately could not find that house, which has never known sorrow to take the
His mustard seed

And because it was a good heart has been trying to help each house of intervention in their problems
The joys and the passage of days, Ms. become friendly to each house in the village, completely forgot
They were originally looking at the mustard seed of the House did not know sadness melted problems
And feelings of others has never aware that a wise village had given the best recipe for the Eradication
Sadly, even if did not find mustard seed, which was looking for magic formula may
They have already entered the first day of the homes in the village all homes and houses.
(With joy and crying with joy &crying)

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Comment by Mo'min on September 22, 2008 at 2:30pm
thanks and your welcome
wish you all the best
Comment by Paul RETI on September 22, 2008 at 5:47am
Brilliant! Thanks... ==PmR


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