Whenever I hear an ambulance my heart goes down. Especially when I hear (or at least I think I hear – it may be echo sometimes) more that one ambulance. Immediately comes to my mind that there might have been a terror attack. Probably most of the times it’s an accident, or some other tragedy. Actually I think I have never heard an ambulance in its way to a terror attack scene, & still. Every time I hear a boom I think it’s a bomb. Or maybe a missile from the near by Kalkilia (I live in Kfar Saba) or maybe from Lebanon, or Syria or Iran. I have to mention that as far as I can recall there was only one terror attack in Kfar Saba. My mother in law was on scene (she wasn’t heart) but I haven’t even heard the boom. There are many origins for booms. I hear booms & sirens on a daily basis. Even couple of times a day actually, but they never have something to do with terror or war.
One of the noises I especially hate is airplanes. Helicopters, or jet top guns or whatever. Sometimes I also see them. I like to travel a lot in Israel, & I encounter them everywhere. I always anxious when I see them – what happened, or what is about to happen I think to myself. Is it some warfare that is going on? Is it a training for something that is about to happen?
Don’t think I worry just to myself – I worry for all the people that are involved in the conflict. If we attack someone is gonna be harmed, including, in many cases, innocent people. I don’t want that. & of course – somebody will fight back. Every action of this sort I afraid that is going to have a pay back action, & so on & so on. More hate spreaded, more people in harm & agony, more public resource enslave to unpeaceful lifes.
It makes me sad.
It also makes me a nervous person. I don’t know what of these to chose to enfold…

I wrote a little song called ambulance blues. I hope to complete it & upload it to the internet. I’ll give here a link.

I am sorry to hear people get banned here. I don’t know the details, but I have to say that it doesn’t sounds good, & it doesn’t mater how you look on it.

Today, & last Saturday I went to olive harvest in Palestinian villages. It was quite pastoral. I know not everywhere & always it is like that. Anyhow – I’m not sure how important for the Palestinians my help was, but I have to say that every time I get to meet Palestinians they are nice. It almost sounds stupid when I write it down. The thing is that there are many people that don’t want to live in peace & harmony, on both sides. I reject that. & it doesn’t mater if the reason is fear or poverty or whatever. But I think that somehow we have to negotiate our way toward peace. I only don’t know how… anyhow – I hope that people that plans hate attacks will stop doing that, & I hope all of us will find the way to put the war behind us. I hope that through positive encounters, like the harvest, or the meeting in Beit Jala that I participated at last month, we can solve a part of this huge shadow on our lifes. Unfortunately, I think that there are still much too many people, in both sides, that doesn’t want peace. Can we change it?

Oh, & last one more thing – isn’t it sad what is going on in Akko?

p.s. (yes, I’m not so good in last things
1 – I know many people share my feelings. It is both authentic post then as well as representative.
2 – the word doesn’t accept lifes. Is there some other plural for life?

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Comment by adi silberberg on October 14, 2008 at 10:36am
thank you for your comment.
about your question - it's too much "conspiracy theory" for me. i do think there are many interests by individuals, & as a society, that tries to manipulate things - that's human.
i'll come & read what you recommended

it is very sad to hear about the looks of denial & rejection. what can i say more?...
in the meeting in Beit Jala a couple from Kfar Saba spoke of how great it is to be in such a pleasant atmosphere, cause they are used to different kind of reaction...
i encountered some of these conflict in the internet. depressing...
Comment by Hiba on October 11, 2008 at 9:49pm
Shall I add to this people who are afraid to say that they want peace so they wont have the looks of denial and rejection in the eyes of the people around them?

I was suppose to share in an olive harvest this Friday but couldn’t make it because there is a checkpoint in the way to the place I supposed to be in and I was afraid to be stopped on it and be late or to have a difficult road so I decided to stay at home :-)

Your efforts are appreciated in any kind of help whether small or big because it is a one more contribution for peace.
Comment by adi silberberg on October 11, 2008 at 8:28pm
Comment by Neri Bar-On on October 11, 2008 at 8:24pm
2 - lives


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