so much to say...
i'll start with - why won't they surrender? israel is much more powerful, & the attacks can stop at once if they'll surrender. don't they care? where is the self responsibility?
& they could have avoid it all...
& they committed war crimes on a regular basis, & still are - the missiles keep flying from Gaza strip to israelis cities...

but then again - what an horror. around 300 people dead & a 1000 injured so far.
& the israeli media... at 1st it reports of 98% accuracy in the attacks, & lets one understand that all at all - israel was ok according to moral standard (not that it is ok anyhow - we'll come to this in a minute), but then slowly it turns out to be quite a different picture....
so yes - even with my 1st phrase, i still find a reason to accuse israel in brutality. & brutality meens lives. israel has taken hundred of lives that should have not been taken! it feels very bad to be a representive of israel considering that. much too many innocent bystanders, & much too many people that even if were a part of what we call a terror organization, were'nt deserve that treatment. the punishment is too big. cruel uneffective death penalty for minor crimes:(

tending to pacifism i am, & as such i think we should have done much more before attacking. for me it is truly the very last solution. for israel leaders it is not. but even if the decision to fight back is somehow logical - the way it was done is horrible, & i condemn it. because of this type of leadershipment, i tried to establish a party to provide a sane alternative.

so - we have destruction & suffering, & they tell it's just the beginning. i wish it is not true. i wish this operation will stop at once, or at least - asap, & with minimum of further i present my voice, as well as my hope.
of course - i'm very frighten of the possibilities that the continuation of this operation carries: so far - not many israelis were hurt, but it might change - & then it might affect me in person. the fear is big. but i fill almost sick since yesterday by the killing & terror that is spread around (mostly by my side...). my heart is with the wounded, & yes - i mean the majority of them that are palestinains included.

i wish that the paletinian leaders will strive to end this situation. surrender if needed. i call my government to stop it. i hope the world will put pressure on us & would help to finish the dreadful fight. i hope so much to wake for a better news already tomorrow if possible. this is my little prayer

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