What is Structured Water and The Triple Breath?

Structured water- The triple breath

The structured water from is your own plain tap water which is to be coded with healing thought intentions. Torben channels and visualizes the healing energies that ends up in a manifesting breath/blow that is recorded, added three times and is burned on a cd or is put for download on our website. This we call The Triple Breath.

Place water bottles or any other liquid in front of the computer loudspeaker or the cd player and structure the water with divine encodings, you can use it right away or boil it for coffee and tea. You might feel the change shortly after drinking the structured water.

The structured water consists of hexagonal water crystals which are very highly vibrating and cleanses the cells by removing waste inside and outside the cells, removing also old negative emotions and thought forms. When you drink the water it will communicate via vibrations with the liquids in your body. If you have an intention, the water in your body will vibrate according to this, enhancing those signals you want to send out. You will experience more luck in your life.

The users experience that old patterns disappear and they can easier change themselves. Many reports that they get healed and that the structured water has helped them where during the last twenty years nothing else were sufficient. When you drink structured water it may feel soft and taste differently, e.g. metallic, sweet, according to the encoded thought intention.

Many say that they can easier drink water, which in it self will help, as many people are dehydrated. The intake of water has a profound influence on the energy level in the body, due to the fact that water is one of the prime conveyants of energy in the form of Prana, the universal vital energy that transfers light, equal to God energy.

Torben has learned to structure water as a part of the many healing courses he has attended; on a workshop in Melchizedek Level V in London he was presented to structured water via activations were they was encoded to make structured water. Since then he has developed The Triple Breath, a channelled breath containing the energies from i.a. the energies from The Gaiadon Heart and thus it is a divine tool for healing and manifestations that affects all your light bodies, you raise in vibration and cleans out your negative emotions and relieves your stresses.

Structured water for cell phone: Torben has been guided from the Divine Masters to make a Holographic Triple Breath, an audio file to play on cell phones, to structure water everywhere; at work, in the restaurant etc. and at the same time to prevent the damaging radiation from the cell phone.

We consider structured water as the most powerful, empowering and at the same time the most uncomplicated healing tool we have.

Torben has made several Pre-coded versions of The Triple Breath, just to mention a few:

  • Personal Triple Breath
  • Stress reduction
  • Stop smoking
  • Electromagnetic Frequency Protection
  • Healing of the Inner Core
  • Healing of past lifetimes, back to Atlantis Free
  • Peace in the Middle East Free

You can find many recommendations from the users and download further explanations from our website.

After your registration you have free access to The Triple Breath, you can also order generalized and personal Triple Breath’s, encoded to your special needs. Look in the shop for download, CD player and for mobile phone.

Read more about structured water in the free ebook on

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