Lost Justice in the Age of Power : The Dimensions of Occupation, the Lobby of Occupation and the era after

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I am not a politician or a journalist or writer. But the feeling of responsible for our reality lets me think day and night, experiencing new dimensions of consciousness and seeking answers especially about; how can we Palestinians move forward strategically in our struggle for justice and peace?

An Insight
Looking into the current analyses that are making the rounds, I have yet to find a collective plan or process towards a plan that will enlarge our options or change the boundary conditions of our dilemma. It seems as if all the proposed alternatives are wrong.
Most of the analyses are done with the same logic, based on "certainty" and generally focusing on the reality of the Zionist aggressions and the failing politics of formal institutions superficially, without little self-criticism, or encompassing review of tactics or philosophy. The fact our “leadership” never admits indorses my allegation.
We seem so certain, yet what have we achieved within "Palestine Activism" to alter the reality on the ground, for example the last eight years after the second Intifada?
Are we evaluating ourselves and reviewing our point of view? Can we even begin to do so if we are not able to create a common platform for debate, a platform from which a new level of unity can emerge?
So long as our communication channels are not well set up and our efforts are not measured against our goals and have no leverage and Activist Information Management is disorganized, so long as we each focus on our individual political point of view only, without listening, so long as open minded activists do not come together to evolve and develop our co-creative consciousness, we will not be able to plan any recognizable strategy that will actually work to change our situation.

The ability of imaginary Suspicion
Each activist has his/her own "Know-How" story for Palestine-Activism and that story can be very powerful especially when they come together. These stories are authentic, concerning what we have been doing and why, not what has been done to us or what others think about us. They point the way.
From my own story as an activist (Engineer and Manager as well), I have learned: "If you do not find a solution, change the rules" and "You can not change anything if you do not start with yourself and transform your own consciousness. Only then can you change the society/reality".
Starting by oneself requires "suspicion". Suspicion is also the condition for any real dialog. If both parties are "overconfident of themselves" then there is no more dialog. Either it is communication in positive way, where both agree 100% on the idea or it is a fight, a negative communication style where no one is listening to the other. Without two-way communication, there is only oppression, where the powerful side dictates its idea.
In other words, based on openness and imagination, uncertainty or suspicion is the main underpinnings of creativity and any transformation of reality. In any case this kind of flexibility is at the core of intellectual dialectic and mind shift.
For the spirit of activism, taking such a step is powerful and demands self-sacrifice. It requires the ultimate in responsibility, which will surely lead to understanding what it means to BE Palestinian. It means developing a common consciousness that will manifest the uprooted Palestinian Identity.
For example, how difficult it is to educate society at its roots in the ideas of sustainable resistance - how much easier to make a call for the boycott of Israeli goods and organize related campaigns!
Searching for answers about “what does it mean to be Palestinian?” by looking critically on our resisting identity, we can see how it has been corrupted, and replaced by elements of Power-Society: Consumption Driven Culture, Hypocrisy, Threat, Violence, Oppression, Corruption, and so forth.
In the same time our identity is enriched with the global Palestine generation and generally with the influence of cultural globalization. Also Palestinians who live inside the in 1948 occupied Palestine have added new elements to our diverse identity. All these aspects challenge the development of common consciousness, new level of unity and new options for our national future. The fact we avoid this challenge, means we accept the current totalitarian Authority acting in our names.

Power + Lobby = Occupation
On my investigations and questioning trip I am looking for the roots of this reality in order to struggle against those causes instead of dealing only with the symptoms. I have found that there are many other things to understand before we claim that it is all about the effects of Zionism and military Occupation or Leadership.
Let's start, for example, with the questions: How has criminal Zionism come to dominate our current political order? Why does the so-called "international community" recognize the PLO as an official representative for Palestinians, when they are actually not?
To answer these questions, we should understand the structure of our global political system, which is based on POWER and interests. Power is the main instrument to "occupy" political decision centres to ensure that certain (private) interests are obtained. And here it comes: If we want to fight Occupation, we should understand all of its dimensions and its mechanism. No Palestinian leadership can defeat Occupation, if they themselves try to become the new occupier. Any new perspective on conflict resolutions, cultural emergence and nation-building should question the current leadership philosophy and governance structure.
The widespread idea within our Palestinian, Arabic and even Moslem society is that we need comparable (military) power to "force" a solution. Violence has been always the fastest tool to establish change. I doubt that we can reach real, just peace using the same instruments with which injustice has been implemented.
I doubt also that the institutions of our power-based national and global politics will create "justice". We say in Arabic: Faked Elshee La Yu3tih (One can not offer what one does not have). They create wars and poverty instead of peace. People use to accept reality and lay the responsibility on the Government. I believe only people can make peace and integral security. Power-Governments and military institutions would be obsolete if people take responsibility and create peace.
Transformation of reality at the root level is the most challenging way. Wishful thinking on a superficial level will have little effect.

Palestinian consciousness in the core of global consciousness Evolution and its Movement
Human being the last decades became very much interconnected than ever. Not only between us individually but also between us, the other creations, our living planet and universe. It is becoming clearer that we are one people, living on one planet, with one common destiny.
As I looked intensively for the lost justice at many levels over the last 3 years it became clearer and clearer to me that millions around the world are aware of the failing formal power-based international politics and are looking for alternatives. They share the same level of consciousness and willingness to co-create a new vision for our future. They feel not only responsible for their lives but also the lives of all others (The global movement).
The internet offers activists sites to join conversation, groups and organisation co-creating our global future. They are emerging our civilization from the current power and materialism based structure into one community that cares for all and builds honest relationship to each other.
The fact that we stumble with the same thoughts, ideas and efforts we have from one web-site to another makes us more aware, that collectively, informally, collaboratively we have to be very much more efficient. This new experience in our history required new challenges. We are aware that so many portals, platforms, information, ideas, conversations, should run in ONE Super-"Application" which I call it the “Global Brain Application”. The best-in-class tool for the fusion of our informal intelligence and possibilities, the multiplexer of our knowledge, for building an effective global movement.
Comprehensive tactical/integral web-applications are becoming more important to unify and focus our efforts to build more leverage and dialog co-creating more efficient fronts, which allow us to research what we do not know and reach our common objectives.
Palestinians should be in the middle of this movement and form a common integral front with it.
Palestinians should never give up living in dignity in just peace in their home land, which can only be achieved for New Palestine in that New world that the majority of young Palestinians are looking for. We have to develop this new perspective in the eyes of the whole world and global mind set as well.
We should not wait till our totalitarian institutions and political powers have admitted their failure. They enjoy the culture of privilege and are mostly not aware of the dimension of the challenge, as they measure the possibilities and options with their narrow minds, own rules and care more for their own occupational lobby to stay in p o w e r.
Indeed within our growing global human consciousness we need new formulas for thinking, building honest relationship and new creative solutions. The way of thinking of parties looking for dominating power and lobby will be one day history. Only such new approaches can break the circle of violence and injustice that commands our planet.
I wrote very often within my Palestinian correspondence, that the Palestinian ship to Yafa sails through Washington DC. Many may laugh at me. Believe me the issue is very complicated and starts with the evaluation process of own consciousness and society.
I hope these lines would help to refocus our debates. Hope is power.

* Wael Al Saad is 36 years old Palestinian grassroots activist who has grown up and lived under Israeli military occupation and lives since 16 years in Germany. He emigrated for study and is working now as Technical Account Manager in Düsseldorf.

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Comment by Wael_ on April 22, 2009 at 4:47pm
check this:
I am trying to open the way for a new Palestine, a Palestinian global civilization.
Comment by almohand adnan on April 22, 2009 at 4:14pm
may i understand your messeg
as you say you are not a politician or a journalist or writer but you messeg
say that or you want to call it pic


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