Yom Haaztmaot / The Naqba

I am torn between these two constructions. Yom Haaztmaot is the Isreeli independence and a celebration of those who gave to make Israel a reality forging a Jewish state out of the remnants of the British Mandate while the Naqba is the catastrophe of the Palestinian people and the Arab world something to be remembered and honored as are other woundings like the Holocaust. Yom Haaztmaot and the Naqba are the same event yet they belong to two different peoples, two different stories.

A day before Yom Haaztmaot is Yom Hazikaron which is preceded by Yom Hashoah. So first Jews remember the Holocaust, the wounding of all woundings. Then a week later we remember the fallen and the brave in the struggle for Israel's existence immediately followed by a celebration of Israel's independence. This is an emotional whirlwind and serves to unify Israel.

I imagine a time when the Palestinians have their own independence day and that it happens at the same date as the Israeli independence. And that the two peoples celebrate together their interdependence. This would be proceeded by remembrances of the various tragedies, catastrophes and holocausts that we each suffered. A day of remembering our woundings, our initiations.

The Holocaust was the Jewish wounding, the initiation into the world of nation-states for were it not for the Holocaust Israel would not exist. In the same way the Naqba, the dispossession of the Palestinian people is the Palestinian wounding, the initiation into the world of nation-states.

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Comment by Sylvia on May 10, 2008 at 11:14am
I know, that there are groups in Israel, which already celebrate together Naqba and Yom Haaztmaot in a way, that brings people together. If both sides are able to feel the other side with their feelings, their wounds and their pain, then they feel: we alre all human beings - and so we can celebrate together for a common future. I think, that it is very important to hear the wounds of the other side!


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