WE will ask you to help with weakening the hurricane Dean, as you can see on the picture it is on its way to Mexico and Texas. The way we will do, is to pretend you have the planet infront of you and it have the size of an Soccerball, locate the hurricane Dean, it has the size of walnut, so it is very easy to slow it down,right? Imagine a powerball, a ball of energy and light or a Holomatric of love encapsulate Dean, now take a deep breath and when you exhale you activate the poweball ,the ball of energy and light or the holomatrix of love so it rotate clockwise, the opposite way as Dean which rotate counter clockwise . So and in few hours from now it will slow down so when it hit Mexico and Texas it will have lost its devastating power. We dont need to doo it at the same time. You can read the inserted article it tell something about why the hurricanes come. Thank you in advance.

[Image of probabilities of tropical storm force winds]

Changes & The Platinum Ray

Greetings Beloved Masters! I am Metatron , Master of Light,

Now we send to you the ‘Platinum Ray' and energy of omnipotence, and energy of recreation. Draw it into your frequencies, the energy of platinum, of palladium; these are the energies of the ascension and of the new beginnings.

The Platinum Ray

The energy of the Platinum Ray is a multidimensional frequency that has a unique utility that is manifested & drawn into the Ascension phase of planetary systems and humankind. In truth dear ones, it has been used by many of you in other dimensions and planetary systems, and many of you chose to be here at this time in part to re experience what you already know, and to help others in their experience of the Ascension. Many of you are being drawn to acquire the precious metals of platinum and palladium for this reason. Although a useful tool, it is not entirely necessary you see the platinum and palladium frequency can be manifested in your frequency through intent. Indeed the Platinum Ray is the ray of crystalline light, the Metatronic Ray of the Earths Ascension. Draw it into your hearts as you face the quickening of this marvelous event. It is the most pristine vibratory ray in your solar system at this time.

You are entering the threshold of a ‘Cosmic Leap' and enormous graduation, and it involves many aspects, it encompasses many tools, many components, copious events that may or may not resonate with your sense of the ascension. One of these is Global Warming, and another is Earth Changes, the two are sequentially twinned. Most of humankind fears them. Be aware that such fear is only the reaction of your conscious filters within the plane of duality, the greater part of you celebrates this destined event.

Global Warming & Hurricanes:

The events of increased hurricanes, increased tornadoes, solar storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity are ALL tools of the Ascension, you see each increases the terrestrial frequency. Each are mechanisms of Global Warming and as such of Earth Changes.

Now the channel asks about the increase in hurricanes. In truth the hurricanes are an extremely robust and vital accoutrement of energy distributions intended for the oceans. The amount of energy in a cubic meter of a class five hurricane is as great as an atomic bomb. These are intended to raise the resonate frequency of the oceans, and are not meant for land. In truth humankind, particularly in your United States, draws the energy masses onto shores by the very focus, blasted across the media to millions of attentive viewer, predicting where they will make landfall. Is it this city or this county and how has it progressed. It becomes almost as a game, and hooks the attentive fear of millions, and that very mass energized fear pulls it onto land.

In truth this quantum surge is an event of sacredness, a grand occurrence to be celebrated, yet mankind may not all see it as so. You see it involves the forementioned Earth Changes, and the current mechanism of global warming. In Cosmic terms in Cosmic chronology such an occurrence of graduation is not so rare. You see it is a necessary progression, and in celestial terms, it may be considered a planetary generative pubescence. It is an event that all of the celestial bodies in your solar system have already expereinced, and dear ones, many of you were on those planets when they ascended, as all of you exist in multi dimensionality.

Now there is much sibilation in your media and among your academics on the advent and causes of global warming, indeed there is even arguments as to whether or not it exists. There is finger pointing and accusation and denial. There are theories on cause of global warming, discussion of greenhouse gases, of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and recommendations to change it.

Masters, the primary cause of global warming is not greenhouse gases, and it is not caused by burning fossil fuels. So although many of you are eager to take the responsibility for planetary warming, humankind and pollutions are not the driver of global warming. Does that surprise you? It is true, so do not be so eager to berate yourself Dear Ones!

Now we do not attempt to chastise or disagree in mass with Al Gore, who we tell you is a soul of great heart, the reincarnation of your President Lincoln, yes the same! We agree with him in intent, and say it is indeed wise to conserve, wise to find alternative fuels, wise to stop pollution...but these activities while they have contributed in a small degree to acceleration of the process, are NOT the prime drivers of global warming. Global warming indeed would be occurring even if you were not an industrial, fossil fuel driven culture.

The principle cause of global warming is the increased spin velocity of the planetary inner core. It comes from the very center of the earth, the changing torque the increased pulses that flow outward contribute to the melting of the caps and the changing of air and water currents.

The warming of the planet is indeed occurring, and it is part of the Ascension process. Fear it not! Nothing will stop it, nothing should stop it. The ice will melt, the waters will rise, the hurricanes will continue. That is a strong statement. Yet it does not stand in defiance of the fact that your future is a moving target. You see, global warming is not a probable reality, it is not a prediction, it is a certainty, and it is occurring in the NOW. That does not mean that catastrophic change will occur. That is yet to be determined.

Earthquakes will continue to increase, and the spinning ands tilting will continue. These phenomena create aquatic quakes, tsunamis and this will particularly occur along the Pacific ring of fire. So the increased spin velocity within the planetary core has created an intensity of friction between the mantle, crust and the magma of the planet. The increased velocity of the core has created a greater heat in the molten iron nickel composing the spinning core. The greater heat of the core physically yields a greater core volume, you see...physics 101, yes? So the pressure of the larger mass volume of the core, its expansion's friction has produced a consequential heating of the planetary surface, oceans and jet streams.

All quite independent of ‘greenhouse gases', we will add.

So indeed, the expansion and contraction of the earth's mantle will create and is creating a friction that is heating the globe. It will create eddies in the airs and waters that will induce winds, hurricanes, tornadoes and such, and it will continue to do so.

Ocean waters will rise, and island nations will disappear. In other oceans, tectonic forces will push new lands to the surface. Rivers will change their courses.

Many of you will recognize the patterns of the coming floods; many of you will recall it almost on a biblical prophetic proportion, an Atlantean memory. Great truths will come forward. Great wisdom will be attained. This will unfold, this will continue...but it is not as yet certain how it will unfold. It does not necessarily need to be a global cataclysm. It does not need to be catastrophic. It could be more on the regional basis, and a gradual shift over two centuries in time. Much depends on what we term the light quotient, the light quotient of consciousness.

Now, fear itself will bring forth many experts, many who wish to speak. Many seers will come forward and predict exactly how and exactly when this will unfold. Heed them not, for although they may not all be malintended, it is yet to be fully known how it will manifest, it is yet to be determined how and to what detail of intensity the changes will unfold. You see when channels make a time based prediction, they do so from a specific point in time and space, and the potential is in constant flux, ever changing as it moves forward. That is why it is truly not the purpose or nature of the divine to predict time line events. Be aware that is not our purpose here, we speak of the trend of the ascension, and we tell that the ascension, the warming and changes will occur, but the timing and details of such are YET to be known. In that detail nothing is written in stone. Use discernment, and Masters be wary of those seers and channels that focus on prediction tied to time, and seek credibility and notoriety for same. That is not the aim of spirit.

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