Good Morning Palestine: Gazians stucked on the borders and leaders stucked in their palaces by our help.

Yesterday I've got a letter about Gazians left Gaza for medical treatments in Jordan, with the promise they will be able to return, but IDF kept them a way, placed at the Jordanian boarders. The story in Arabic الله الرحمن الرحيم.doc .

If the leaders are really from and for the people, one of them should go and sleep/stay with those people instead of his palace in Ramallah ...

To be honest, people are lazy intellectually. They have to lead. They put the leadership on some narrow-minded power-thirsty community and consume the reality, they cry on it instead of co-creating it.
As I wrote many times, every one should review continuously his way of thinking. We have to understand that the reality is made by us. Every one is responsible. Facing the responsibility is something inconvenient, but necessary.
We have to understand that the change is getting very complicated but more clear, if one opens his eyes and hart. We have enough power for the change if we do not put facts into black-boxes.

Only one example about paradox: We ask for justice and it lost inside us, our houses, in our streets, our consumption behaviour, ..
For example it is easier to buy cheep Chinese product, ignoring the injustice has been took place by its production; people have to work in camps like salves 10 and 15 hours a day. And cash-thirty "brothers" and "sisters " sell it in 3 or 5 times of its coasts .... We deserve what we get. 20 years a go, we lives more satisfied with less stupid consumption . We was closer to each other, I loved to be listing to my grandfathers stories in big circle of relatives.. WHO has changed that? Zionists?? no it is us. I know this development is human. It is also human to do the opposite and own the real revolution which it is in minds instead hollow emotions.

We can take an acting rule to transform every thing, by feeling responsible for it, if we transform honestly what is. It is a process can start NOW.

All our political movements has been established in relation to particular circumstances. When the movement is powerful, "leaders" do not ask, if circumstances are still the same, or at least reform the movement radically. No they only look how to keep in power which is stupid!
we have to understand the new facts deals with our consciousness. Those facts are the elements of the common future. In my eyes, I see millions of people are losing time and power by climbing the pyramids of "materialism"-power .. just open your eyes and harts guys.
Now I understand very well what the prophet Muhammad (Saws), when he said: The Islam began as stranger and will come back as stranger. The essence of Islam is not the governance!

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