Youth in Iraq were effected very much by the war in Iraq ,their happiness to be free from ex-regime tyranny ,turned soon in to finding them self’s in the middle of large conflict
we in Iraq are eager for peace , good services ,for good education
,the youth want to be opened to the world , to learn ,explore and feel new experiences, but the realty is all about war ,bombs and conflicts ,corruption ,lack of services ,and absence of strong state of law and order ,this is forcing youth to think of leaving Iraq or at lest search for an alternatives ,which make them ends in conditions much worse than the ones the ran from
The USA needs to expand their policy on building people ,democracy ,freedom . these are rights to be gain and needs people to learn their importance and the methods to use them to get justice for every one regardless of their colure ,ethnicity ,or religion, something the politicians in Iraq unfortunately failed to do
Either Hillary Clinton ,or Obama or McCain ,reached the white house in this election ,the Iraqi people expects from any new USA administration to start to help Iraq into transitional period of healing of what ever harm the past five years did to Iraq,
And to put a real investment into building and supporting the training and development of people capacities to act as role players into building foundations for real democracy ,liberal community ,and strong state of law
and to build state in which legislation take international human rights agreements as source of constitution ,and strengthen all possible means to restrict corruption and work into building strong neutral police and army forces ,even if it they started into small unites but it will be able to serve more people, if we chosed its members on bases of their loyalty to Iraq above any loyalty to tribe ,ethnicity ,or religion
Iraqi youth needs education, needs to learn that it is ok to think, and that they must think outside the box ,the box that was build by the religious leaders and radical ideologies
If we start to work in this direction, I can ensure you that the US troops will not stay for a long time ,that this time the mission will be finished and the change will be obvious to the world ,and Iraq will be the state of democracy and order

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Comment by wameeth on May 27, 2008 at 3:22pm
Dear Paul

i was last week in lebanon and returned to iraq ,and belive me from my discusions with several people from lebanon and jorden as i spend their the night in my way back to baghdad ,the iraqi situation and the conflict of palastin are effecting people way of thinking and we need to work on solving all these isuess if we want to turn the area into democracy and peace
Comment by Paul RETI on May 24, 2008 at 12:47pm
Hi wameeth,


The current suffering of the Iraqi people of all backgrounds and the related ethnic cleansing is, I think, significantly greater in human terms than that caused by the Arab-Israeli conflict.

You know that the focus of this website is the Arab-Israeli conflict.

It is lamentable and indeed instructive that the Arab-Israeli conflict remains the focus so many self-anointed peacemakers and the social justice activists of the so-called Civilized world.

Some self-anointed peacemakers and social justice activists of the so-called Civilized world know that I have been active publicly recently on issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

It is very instructive indeed that when I raise an issue other than the Arab-Israeli conflict, these civilized people tell me that I am only doing so to try to deflect attention from the Arab-Israeli conflict.
For now, I am sorry that I cannot change that and i am sorry that such bigotry is still alive and well in the world today.
Comment by Neri Bar-On on May 22, 2008 at 8:17pm
Wameeth ,

You are so right and I think we some times carry away with our focus on the Israeli-Palestinian issue and neglect the war in Iraq and the pain and cost for the Iraqis.

The Iraqis need back their freedom to direct their destiny and I hope that this Peaceful destiny will Include Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel.


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