My reaction about an attack aginst One-Voice

How many of our article-writers and Palestinian thinker try to re-organize the Palestinian-Efforts in order to co-create other comparable alternative to One-Voice rather than come-to-my-island old classical politics?

I wish one day all would take the same responsibility and review their way of thinking instead of attacking and criticising the others and moving in circles.

Look around you, in industry, Europeans relationships , etc .. and even in the nature every thing is changing forward by reality-loop of errors! In other words, even politics became Engineering challenge, to try other methods to move forward certain objectives, do the needed errors to minimize them and enhance the learning-process.
Mostly in our "arabic" mentality every one is 100% right. There is no possibility to move in the errors-reality-loop. That's one of the essential reason make me predicting we will keep reminding ALNAKBA instead of Designing ALNAHDA.

We can not ask the world to change in our behalves without changing our selves continuously. And yes, the world from inside-out need to be changed to bring the displaced Palestinian back home, if they will. The good news world is changing. We need to find the sensitive joints to speed in the world-changing-process and be in its core . Violence and military solution is sure the wrong joints as the future human co-creation should not and will not be based on those elements.

The people know me, my be astonished about the following: We will never be able to demolish Israel by classical power and if any one tries it will not be the way for just peace.
Any way we have huge amount of home-works before we comment on Israel and challenge the common reality.

The way to social justice became integral one in an integral-world. Palestinian spread around the glob are the most people have the ability to be the pioneers in creating 21th-century common strategy. Today we do not have any sort of optimal organized resources. It means we have a common challenge to re-organize our-self which can be created in most modern and efficient basics.

Thats will not happen till we/ a majority become specious about our/its way of thinking and acting-reacting. Then all of us will be in same circle of consciousness which is the most powerful step to find a way forwards, as this way will be co-creative. A tipping point toward new way into the future can then be reached. In nutshell ALNAHDA is a process of futuristic dialectic, that's why the game rules need to be changed radically.

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Comment by Yigal D. Kahana on June 4, 2008 at 12:49am
Awesome, Jafra.
Al Nahda.
Would expanding the amount of human rights theory being taught in Palestinian schools not constitute a new paradigm? Wouldn't it change the rules of the game radically?
Can some of us at mepeace work together on such a program?


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