What is peace? Peace is a state of non-violence, the absence of hostility, peace is the opposite ofwar, it is our need to move from the old world of wars ,to the new knowledge of living together for development of better interests for all of us, to have peace we need law ,justice ,respect ,and logic ,peace can not be made with illogical person ,or someone who dose not respect his words, this will be wasting of time ,peace required power and coordination of all parts to produce the proper environment to progress.
peace is often understood as the absence of war between two or more state-organized armies. Nonetheless, the concept of peace also applies to the state of people within their respective geopolitical entities, as civil war, state-sponsored genocide, terrorism, and other violence are all threats to peace on an international level.
Terrorism has become the major threat of peace ,as it try to evolve to become civil wars ,and international conflicts ,terrorism try to take the mask of religion converting conflict of space, power to holly concept ,to prepare soldiers that will die for the greater aim, looking for victory can not be achieve as violence is the opposite of human need for real connection with higher powers ,to achieve inner peace.
There is a wide spectrum of views about whether, or when, violence and war are necessary or justifiable. Mahatma Gandhi's conception of peace was not as an end, but as a means: "There is no way to peace; peace is the way." it is a method required in these days the support of political systems ,international organizations ,in order to build the culture of nonviolent ,and conflict resolution ,in the same time we must apply rules to force those who hide behind terror and believe in force as method of forcing there visions ,we need to protect our peace in order to be able to use peace as the way.
From our experience in Iraq we found that death and terror know no religion and feed on the blood of civilians who are left in the middle of battle for there fats, the only solution is peace and conflict resolution as the required method to start to live together and build our country ,but if we look only to peace in Iraq neglecting the need for peaceful neighborhood in the area ,that mean we will never be able solve our problems as the instability in the area contribute to our instability ,we need to site and start to face our fears ,that we need to coordinated and cooperate with every power looking to establish peaceful environment for all the area and the world.

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Comment by Neri Bar-On on August 2, 2008 at 6:41pm
from humanistic point of view we all deserve semilar life conditions that we will be able to address our needs and enjoy some of the wealth; peace is one future to all. a future where a whole human society manages itself by protecting all human and enabling fredom and expression to all. Peace require unification of all nations in a post-borders understanding of our human relationship.
Comment by wameeth on August 2, 2008 at 6:26pm
peace needs strong state of law ,security and strong civil society to preserive freedom and human rights ,it need blance and the strength of people interested in standing to establish it
Comment by Neri Bar-On on August 2, 2008 at 6:18pm
While the military violence is obvious there are some mor features of peace since it is a state of operation within human society.

Peace is where we have the conditions to cooperate with trust; where we will have the economic system to support the weak parts of human society and have enogh to support culture expression and development. In peace times the focus of people will be on creating and colaborating and have the life conditions to devleoped themselves and develope with their socioal-culture habitat in a resilent sustainable way.
Comment by wameeth on August 2, 2008 at 5:53pm
that is right ,i had a similair understanding too
Comment by Yigal D. Kahana on July 7, 2008 at 9:31pm
This is a great post.
Let me add my two cents.

The way I see it, "Peace" isn't the whole thing.
What is needed is "peaceful coexistence."

You touched on the main reason when you wrote:

"peace is often understood as the absence of war between two or more state-organized armies. Nonetheless, the concept of peace also applies to the state of people within their respective geopolitical entities, as civil war, state-sponsored genocide, terrorism, and other violence..."

This is exactly the point.
There needs to be peace between societies, and also peace within societies.
Within a given society, there needs to be peaceful coexistence among and between all of its members.
The ONLY way that we imperfect human beings have so far found to ensure that there will be social harmony; peaceful coexistence; is for government to make it a real priority to guarantee and defend the fundamental rights of all of its people.
That is the only way we know to safeguard the rights of people with different values and objectives in the same place. Without human rights guarantees, whichever group is locally stronger will soon gain the power to enforce its unique values and goals on all other groups. This creates tensions within society which harm social harmony and reduce the degree and quality of peaceful coexistence that prevails in that society.

So if peaceful coexistence is the opposite of war, it is to use war in a broad sense which must include that type of war in which a tyrant can be said to be engaged with his subjects.
And "tyrant" must also include a tyrannical majority.
Not even a majority can be allowed to harm the Republic - the common-wealth - by injuring its members (minorities, of course) with laws that violate their fundamental human rights.
Because that tears at the fabric of community that exists in a real Republic. A true Republic can draw on the resources of a broad array of peoples, and through limiting social restrictions encourage the growth of a beautiful and glorious social harmony to the benefit of all.

In sum, whatever else will happen, the solution must eventually involve ensuring the fundamental human rights of all people in all countries, everywhere.
And there are powerful entrenched interests that can't afford to let that happen.


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