well, a new blog. what an excitement!
i had a blog before. several actually. i had a blog in, in which i wrote many things - from poetry to sex fantasies, from political lectures to discussing my career & more. i wrote this blog for several years, but recently i came to the conclusion that enough is enough. the reasons are writen there, & i don't feel like desplaying them all over again right here right now.
i wrote elsewhere as well. most memorable is my page at, & there is also my personal official site - all of these are almost exclusively in hebrew, although my site has also an english home page which details whatever is within it in brief.
to write is timeconsuming, & i often don't really find much point in it anyhow, but to write in english is even worse, because i don't really master the languaege (to put it in a gentle way...)
i opened an hebrew dictionary not so long ago, & was surprised & happy to find out that i actually familiar with most of its content... nothing like that in english...:(
anyhow - i was thinking of opening a blog in english for quite a time now (i actually had some poetry tryout blog, but i don't really count it), cause it's good for practicing english, cause it's more anonymous (& i miss that a bit cause i write in my full name in a small country for so long), & - last but not least - cause i find it very interesting to know people lifes elsewhere.
so - this place will try to be it. i have the feeling that it might work. ok - maybe not the anonymous part - but that topic really deserves a seperate long debate. anyhow - i'll try to feel free to write here my thoughts & let whoever of you that is interested in that, to know me - an individual kinda atheist jew that lives in israel, is a musician, have a famely, & is often worried about the political situation here, & wants peace for several reasons - both heroic & egoistic, & that also tries to do something about it from time to time.
so - that's the preface. i'm not sure how often i'll write here, but at least in the coming weeks i'll make an effort to write here a couple of posts, & then we'll see how interesting this blog will be for both you & me.
end with a bless.

p.s - i like very much to use shorts when i write in english such as 2 for to or two or too, 4 for for or fore, etc. however - i'm not sure that everybody likes it as me, so i'm trying to avoid. anyhow - capital letters i'm still avoiding:)
p.s.2 - the proof-reading is so long when you check every 2nd (well, little less) word for spelling mistakes. will it ever be over me? by the way - i used the word heroic in the post. it's not the proper word, but i couln't find the proper word. what i meant was the opposite of egoist of course

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Comment by adi silberberg on August 30, 2008 at 10:09pm
the word is altruist, of course...
& i should have made it easy for you, hebrew speakers, in case you're curious:


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