Hi all,

I want to share with you the miracle that a friend of mine had with the TB for Health.

I have a female friend who I see every now and then, in the period when I first met her, I could notice that she didn't feel so good with herself. About her life and her health. Her self image was very low, and I got the feeling that she had the belief that she was not worth a lot. She had no job at that time and looked unhealthy, dry hair, brown area underneath her eyes, overweight body, short tempered and not having any fun in life. She also had this Psoriasis skin disease which I clearly saw was quite severe. Her arms, hands and legs were covered by large dark dry and thick area's, some spots in excess of 20 cm in size. Man could clearly see that she was a very unhappy girl.

So, I contemplated on her situation... I asked her how long she had this Psoriasis skin disease. She said she had it for over 5 years and that nothing has ever helped, only partial a very expensive skin cream but it only produced minimal non-lasting results. The doctors said her it couldn't be treated.

I got the idea to present her with the idea of drinking the TB for Health water made by Torben. She had no idea about this, but I explained it, at first I saw her thinking, what a crazy idea.... This is not uncommon for me because I have seen similar responses from people still unfamiliar with the Triple Breath, they think it is mad and crazy to do.... So I just let her try the water, and she could notice the difference. I said to her that this is a tool to help her with her healing on all levels. And of course drinking water in general is a good thing to do, so she agreed to try it for one month straigth.

After a month of daily drinking TB for health, she said that she felt much better and that her skin looked a bit more soft. So I asked her if she also felt more at peace with herself, and she said yes now that you mention it. And that she could also sleep better during the night, and wasn't having a bad temper so often anymore. So I recommended her to continue drinking the TB for Health daily and that she could also try patting the healing water on her psoriasis infected skin.

After 2 more months, she reported something very amazing! She persisted with drinking the TB each day and now her skin was 100% cured! She said that it was a absolute miracle and that she never expected to ever get healed from this skin disease, now her skin was completely healed in 3 months!

She said that she also felt much better and had no more problems with being alone by herself, no anxiety and short temper anymore. That her life has been improved so much within those 3 months that it was truly unbelievable. She also lost 10 kg. of her weight, with which she was quite happy.

Now, I could also clearly see from her pictures that she looked much happier and healthier than she looked 3 months before. Her eyes were sparkling, her hair was shining and her skin looked healthy and soft again!

So I highly recommend this powerfull healing tool to anyone who want to have improvement in their health. It made me think of why it was so effective to cure psoriasis and cure her negative self-image only within 3 months.... I think this is because it works on 3 levels, it works on the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. Psoriasis is a reflection of her negative image of self, transmuted into the physical (her body). That's why the triple breath works so effectively. If she used a cream it only cures the physical (even if it could cure that), but her negative image of self is still not healed. By drinking the healing water daily she got healing on all 3 levels which produced the quick and lasting results.

But I wasn't done yet.... she still didn't have a job, and not a lot of social contacts, even though it started to improve because she wasn't so negative anymore. So I gave her the TB for Abundance to see if it would also give her powerfull results. So she agreed to try this one because the TB for Health brought her such a miracle.

So she used TB for Abundance daily for 2 more months and after been unemployed for 5 years she finally found a nice job in selling cosmetics, which she really likes. She also said that she got more friends and that her old friends always invite her to go with them somewhere nice, which before never even happened. Her friends noticed her being much happier, they also said to her, that she was a changed person for the better.

And lastly I also think that she is beginning to find a male lover in her life as well.

The Triple Breath is truly amazing... Don't ever think that the TB is not powerfull, for I have seen a miracle.

Best regards,

It is a great Testimonial, and many more are to come when more use the Triple Breath for making healing water, I am so happy that people can use the healing water to change their lives. We have only scratched the surface, wait and see when many use the healing water. It will being more love and light into the users life. This story gives me goose bumps. I want more to experience love and light in their life as the woman in this testimonial.

Thank you so much Willem888 for sharing this with us and for helping us all by talking about the the Triple Breath and the healing water. It gives us all value on the planet and this is only the beginning.

If you want to try for your self you can do it here:,shop.product_details/c...

Love Torben

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Comment by Torben Munk Nielsen on October 14, 2009 at 10:51am
Dear Harry,

Thank you for your comments,
Love and Light Torben
Comment by harry deloria handenero on October 14, 2009 at 9:17am
not miracle,, cause that is the way by god whom he healed everything that who beleives in him by praying or even by following the good and daily routine in our life, and we must also eat more with drinking water for our daily routine so that any deseases or illness in our life will not undergo or we will not suffered any illness that we had committed if ever we should avoid any foods or any vices that can affect to our body cause our body is the spirits whom the spirits lives in our body to continue moving and everything..cause that's the way of god whom he lives in our body and soul this is only my own knowledge a little and gods gift to me that i need to share to someone who needs or needy people... if i'm only a doctor i can heal for free but i'm only a simple human and this is only the way i had to share to somebody else and this is only my opinion to you that the miracle,healing, all coming from our god whom we should take care and be respect to anybody..thanks to you that you beleive in miracle and that is the power of god almighty.


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