A Personal Letter written to Catia Dini of Rome

My Dear Loving Catia,
Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for your pleasing and heart touching reply notes. I find women all over world are made of similar creative and loving hearts. Of course there is some differences in the degree. I also find the male dominated social environment all over world under uni-polar system of governance (democracy for the business class to dominate and exploit the working humanity- who are creating wealth for the entire world to carry forward the civilization to a new height not in terms of material comforts but also in terms of spiritual comfort-not refer to religion but to satisfaction by serving the cause of the working humanity).
Looking into a phenomenon or the end result of a phenomenon/ programme/policy/project with this class approach (workers in the one hand and their masters in the other hand) and discover that who benefit/ed most (those who actually created wealth or who managed to put a seal on it as its owner and grab the power of marketing of those wealth to earn maximum profit out of it), was taught by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh (I could not meet him in his life time, but I could realize his wisdom and pain for the working humanity by reading his literature. He said so long I will survive I will struggle to defend the interests of the working class -the crater and decorator of this human civilization; and he did (please read his literature available in the‎).
He further said that if a person fails to analyse an event/action that by performing it who are going to reap the benefits most - the workers or their masters, then he/she is either cunning or he/she is fully ignorant of what actually is happening in this world where rich are getting richer and poor are poorer (though exceptions are there -in course of struggle of maintaining oneself as a master may lead him/her to beggar (not mentally but physically) and a laboring person to an elite one).
I really honor that single great/enlightened person from India who helped you enjoyed visiting different parts of India for 13 years. In course of your India visit, did not you see the silent pains of the working Indians living in slums and villages? did not you discover- at whose cost the the big cities like delhi, mumbai, kolkata and chennai have developed? What has been the outcomes of the Indian economic policies during post-independence period? Did not you see that the people in the state power (in administration, judiciary, policing/defense sector and government) directly or indirectly helping the elite class to protect their interests by justifying their acts of sucking the bloods of the toiling people under a system as legal?
I wish your attempt to get fully recovered by the end of this year to come true. Then, I would invite you to come to re-invent India for the second time.
About myself, I would simply say that I am gradually recovering. Now I am under physiotherapy treatment and hope to get well soon to accompany you in your India mission. In the next April, I would be a man of 60 years of age. I wish to dedicate rest of my life in understanding the problems of the villagers of Patamda block where I was born and brought up. I am in need genuine friends like you who can support me both morally and to some extent financially to lead myself with simple living.
I wish to learn something exclusive from your past struggle; was it intended for your own personal life career i.e. to establish yourself as a dignified person in the society or a struggle for social transformation/reformation?
With all the best in your life, I wish you remain healthy and happy to make the world healthy and happy. OM Shanti !OM Shanti !!OM Shanti !!! (though I believe that peace in the life of the working people can not be established without defending them from the exploitation of their masters)
Looking forward to hear you,
Urs self acclaimed genuine friend
Madan from the villages of India

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Yousef Aburaiya posted a status
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Yousef Aburaiya posted a status
"im looking for friends at usa"
Feb 19
Yousef Aburaiya posted a status
"im looking for friends at usa"
Feb 19
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