I awoke with a thought, a fleeting glimpse of knowledge, a parcel of Light enveloped in the course of shadows.

And it left me wondering.....did Gandhi, Aristotle or John Lennon experience such overstanding's in their lives? Did Miss V, my paralleled LightHouse have the same experience today?

The knowledge was very simplified in it's context.

"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom,"LET IT BE""

Not to say that 'Mother Mary' is she who is portrayed within the over-edited Bible. No, she may be Herself, God, Buddha, Jah, Cosmic Muffin, Hairy Thunderer or whosoever YOU perceive as the Master of Creation.

We are taught that there is but one universe, which to an extent is truth, (for existence is our way of overstanding that which is), but only because science and religion alike are not yet to admit that there is a "Multi-verse". Those who do speak forth this knowledge are labeled by societal politics and not believed. I believe for I have strolled through all seven plains of my Lights existence.

'Multi-verse' allows us to realize that there is far more then just one existence of space/time. In facto there are seven, seven parallels, seven paths, seven of each - but not the same. Seven versions of what we know as our selves.

We are but a spark of energy dancing through an unknown reality - all that surrounds us is energy, all that was, is and shall be is energy - a spark of existence in a cauldron of power far beyond the capabilities of the human mindset.

The existence of "GOD" is a must. The homo-sapient mind frame cannot cope with the complications of not 'knowing' - they need proof.

Proof - what a useless human word - how do you prove what already is? I am here, you are there and everyone else is where?

Remember, people, we are all "ONE" - one energy encased within a spiral of confusion and need to overstand. A 'spark' in the ignition of life.

If we all do not grab hold of the message, the OVERSTANDING - then we are all to become dimmed.

Only in peace, overstanding and oneness will we ever be able of comprehending that which the Cosmic Muffin has allowed for us to be.

For in PEACE we will know.

I and I send forth my Beacon - may the Light allow your eyes to see that which I have.


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