should i go to Hebron?
friday there is a sympathy visit of left wing organizations in hebron. sympathy with the arabs i assume...
i know that hebron is a place where much violence accur, & i'm afraid that this kind of activity is exactly a potential for a crash. it is almost as if the peace people are looking for a fight.
it is interesting for me to see hebron. i would like to see it from within the arab side, & i would like to see it from within the jewish side. being kinda very left wing myself it is quite predictible that when one has to take side i would recomend against the jewish side in this case, but i don't like conflicts, & to tell the truth - i also don't know at the moment too much about the conflict there to really decide who is right, though like i said - i suspect the answer is quite clear. anyhow - i would love to visit there & learn about the situation from its all angles. i would also simply love to see the place - i'm sure it should be interesting. but i must say that i suspect that the current situation in hebron is quite unpleasent. probably it's not an happy place these days. probably it's not an happy place for quite a long period now... without any connection to the thoughts i expressed - the thing i really wish for is that hebron would become a peaceful place. primarily, of cause, for its inhabitants.

& for another topic:
i made a contact with the olive tree movement about helping palestinians patients get from the checkpoints to hospitals inside israel. i wondered a bit if this is a necessary activity, but after i tried finding a bus alternative & had troubles i assume it is an important task, & i'm glad that i can help. i may report further after i'll participate.

not so long ago i went as a guest to machsom watch activity. afterwards i spoke about it with my mother. she was very angry that i help palestinians (actually in this case i don't think i actually helped anyone, but doesn't mater) instead of helping jews in israel. this kind of respond i get frequently if i talk about such maters. people that are keen to help others within israel find it inappropriate when it comes to helping palestinians which are in fight with us. i can see some point in it, but i still feel that palestinians have more trouble in their lives, & that that is largely due to israeli brutality, & not just due to palestinian responsibility, & that i tries to balance a bit. in addition, as i said - i think that objectively the palestinians needs more help, & besides - i don't like this separation as if you have to help your people 1st, even though the claim is not completely irrelevant.
well - i guess there's much more to say about it. i think i'll leave the continuation of this debate to later. anyhow - i do try to volunteer also inside israel. anyway - this whole volunteering thing is quite new to me - we'll see how it'll feet in my life in the long term. one thing i'm almost certain in - bad it can not be, but it's true that maybe there is a better way to influence the world into a better state, & that private & general resources & responsibilities can be divided better.


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Comment by adi silberberg on December 10, 2008 at 10:05pm
hi hiba.
thanks for the insight.
can you expend a bit on what exactly you wish people to see when they come to visit?
anyhow - i have the feeling i'll pass this time, but i'm sure there will be another opportunity for me. in the meantime i read about hebron in the wikipedia. the hebrew one. i wonder if i should also read the english value - i have the feeling that it might be interesting to compare...
Comment by Hiba on December 10, 2008 at 1:30pm
Hi Adi,

I met with some people who are in a similar situation of yours they want to visit Hebron and got to know the city from the Arab side but are worried regarding to the high tension and violence that is going on these days, it is a worry to visit Hebron in normal situations so what about now??

If you are coming to the city with a group of people and you have a guide who knows the city well, then he will take you to places where no problems will arise, for me as a citizen living in Hebron, I always encourage all people to come and see the situation in Hebron on the ground.


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