I do not know exact date of my birth. As per school record my birthday is on 11th April 1954. So, I will be at 60 years of age on 11th April 2014. This is the average age of Indians. So I am lucky to complete the full course of my human life. Till now, except a few stray incidents, I spent almost all the past 17000 days excluding 4500 childhood days either in struggle to understand the man, its surroundings and the nature or for supporting my survival that was motivated to meet my personal and/or family needs.  Society’s needs were my concern but could not give much time on it. In this short span of my life what I realized that man is guided by its surroundings (market culture) where everybody pretends for everybody’s concern mechanically and none seems to really concern with heartily. This is how we grow into a mechanical man where none (sometimes one’s own self) is genuinely relied upon.  

At this age of my life I am seriously thinking whether “playing tricks for survival or for personal gains/comforts in the complex market environment is the only way for leading a meaningful life?? Answer that I get from my own realization (not only through intellect but also through heart) is NO! Not!! Never!!!.

A man’s relation with others should never be mechanical rather it should be based on feelings for each other with emotion, love, affection, respect, etc. The present market culture (getting pleasure in cultivation of personal gains/profits destroying the man’s natural behaviour of getting pleasure in cultivation of social gains/profits) is responsible for making man into robot (devoid of these humanly feelings). 

I firmly believe that in my upbringing or making, contributions of my society is more than my own and my family members. If I end my life in recognizing my personal and family member’s necessities, then I think I would be doing a great blunder and sin (in traditional sense). Therefore, I have decided to dedicate the rest of (after 60 years) my life for the interests of the masses wherein I was born and brought up i.e. Patamda block under East Singhbhum district of Jhardkhand.

Other than sharing my experiences and enriching those with my people’s wisdom/life experiences, my agenda would be to document the present socio-economic situations of all the 89 villages of Patamda block and publish it within a span of 2-3 years. Your suggestions/ratification to my proposal is requested.

I would ardently request you all to support my cause with all means. Any amount of help (spiritual and material) would be lauded.

Last but not least, to clear your doubts and confusions (if any), you are all requested to come to my present place of residence from where I plan to venture out.

Urs truly,


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