An Open Call to the Adivasi Youths of Jhardkhand/India

My dear Adibasi/Revolutionary friends from Jharkhand/India, Please do not go along with the wind...All the political parties that ruled the Jharkhand state for over last 14 years (since its inception) belonged/belong to Capitalist Class. BJP ruled about 8 years, JMM ruled about 2 years and Madhu Kora ruled about 2 years; another about 2 years was under (three terms) President Rule. Present messy state of affairs of the state has been the resultant of the anti-people/anti-Adibasi/anti-poor/anti-human and pro-capitalist class rule. All those ruling parties are being financed and indirectly managed by the business class people and their Chamber of Commerce (the most trusted organization of the capitalist class) led by Tata Group of Companies and their Associates. Intensity of grabbing of Jharkhand adibasi's land and other productive resources by the capitalist-multinational classes increased all time high during the rule of these parties over las 14 years. Distress migration of Jharkhandi youths to different other parts of the country and trafficking of young and adolescent (innocent) tribal girls went on unabated during last 14 years. This has resulted into constant decrease of tribal population in the state. If this process is not checked then one day will come when tribal and their culture could be found only in Tribal Museum.

Friends, getting elected with the money and muscle power provided by the capitalist class and becoming Minister can produce big contractors of Tatas and Rungtas (like Arjun Munda ) but can never produce Birsa Munda, Sidho -Kanho-Chand and Bhairab, Tantia Bhil, Nirang Phidu, Lushai Chief Lal Sukla, etc.

To protect tribal interests in their homelands, there is need to reverse the ongoing situation. This can be done by bringing about a revolutionary transformation in the capitalist socio-economic formation through anti-capitalist socialist revolution... This could be done only under the leadership of a genuine communist party. And in India, i am sure that SUCI (C) is the only communist party heading towards this end.

I ardently appeal to all the right thinking adibasi youths of India and more so to the Jhardkhandi youths that they should launch a country-wide /state -wide mass movement against Capitalism and sustain it till its transformation through revolution...I also request all of you that you must go through the literature of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, founder of SUCI-C available in the

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