Approach PMO directly in case of confusion at ministry: The Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi to Central Secretaries /officers:


Giving freehand to Indian bureaucracy to work independently as  one of the 10 agendas of the  Narendra Mudi's  Government would go against the interests of the masses in terms of  weakening their (masses) bargaining powers  fetching legitimate demands.... You all know the in rural areas police indirectly govern the system and its role is to legalize all illegal acts against taking bribes (hafta)… If this police (being a part of bureaucracy) is allowed to act freely… what best outcomes could be achieved,  towards development of rural India, can be well apprehended… same thing would happen in case of judiciary and administration….

 Secondly, involvement of private actors in government works would definitely curtail the public benefits because the private actors would work for maximizing their profits from public money…

What do u think on these...???

Approach PMO directly in case of confusion at ministry: The Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi to Central Secretaries/ officers:Recent meeting of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra  Modi with all the Secretaries of various Central Government Departments without their  (Departments) respective Ministers has been a remarkable event towards taking India to a dictatorial rule - a necessary evil to give the hotchpotch and corrupted market based socio-economic and political formation of contemporary India a desired shape (satisfying the whims and fascination of the capitalist class/multinationals).  This meeting was significant on two main accounts. Firstly, to give clear cut message that they (Secretaries) need to work freely without being bothered by their Ministers in executing PMO’s office orders; and secondly, to inform and /or threaten them that their actions would be monitored and if it is found that they are disobeying the PMO‘s office orders or taking any action without the knowledge of the PM then they must be ready to accept ulterior consequences of such acts. If things move as per the wish of the new PM, then these following consequences may be expected? Firstly, Mr. Modi could be able to dictate the Indian administration (one of the main actors of development) towards translating his hidden agenda (making India a giant market place for free and unfair play of the Multinationals) into action. Secondly, India would gradually move towards meeting the corporate houses’ felt necessities to shape the vast Indian market in their (Corporate houses’) favour (that got expression through the able leadership of Mr. Modi as CM of Gujtat) by attracting FDIs and beat the neighbouring country – China; Thirdly, the small and medium capitalist classes (who could influence the administration to favour them in meeting their interests) would be eliminated. Fourthly, the corrupt practices of the leading multinationals would either be legalized or those would remain unreported in the public domain: Last but not least the common masses would remain powerless and silent spectators (or if they try to register their grievances, they would be thrashed like anything). Would such a situation not be a dictatorial situation???? 

However, making the dream INDIA for the Multinationals by Mr. Narendra Modi (following his Gujrat Model) would not be as easy as one may think……  

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