If you want
to change the world by meditating and projecting world peace and love to
all during the day there is a best time to do this for your location
every day. Research shows that people are 400 percent more psychic when
they are in line with the galactic center each day at 14:30 sideral
time for your location by longitude. I have calculated this for
Indianapolis, Indiana on May 1st, 2010 (longitude 86 degrees 17 minutes
west). This makes 5:38 am in the morning the best time to meditate or
better 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after this time. Each day
the sideral time
advances exactly 4 minutes
and each week advance this time
by 28 minutes to
continue to get your 14:30
sideral time to

Now to use this exact time 5:38 am Indianapolis time on May 1st, 2010 to find your best time for your city
only need to learn your cities longitude. Then for each one degree
greater longitude difference than 86 degrees add 4 minutes to this 5:38
am Indianapolis time. And for each degree lesser than 86 degrees
substract 4 minutes of time from this 5:38 am Indianapolis time on May
1st, 2010. You must advance this 5:38am time by 4 minutes each day
after May 1st, 2010 in Indianapolis. So in one week the correct time in
Indianapolis would be 28 minutes additional or 6:06am. So if you are
calculating the correct time one week from now the beginning
Indianapolis time would be 6:06 am not the previous 5:38 am.

If you have any questions email me at And for $10.00
to my Paypal account I will calculate your cities 14:30 sideral time
for peace meditations. Once you have your correct time you then just
advance it 4 minutes per day to keep it at the correct 14:30 sideral
time. (If this is too difficult to calculate then 12 Noon as calculated by a sundial would be the next best time to meditate.)

Please pass this information on to others and try it for yourself. See if you can see
the difference in your meditations when you are aligned
with the galactic center light energy of our galaxy. -- J.E. Ante

All of my articles are available on my iPeace blog or forums
for reposting anywhere. My articles are also posted at --

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