Beyond 2012


By Dr. Dieter Duhm

Translated from the German by Anna Bandini and Douglas Baillie

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Introductory Remarks
I work in the Future-Workshop Tamera, Portugal, on questions of evolution, history and the future. Through my leading role I have come into contact with various lines of knowledge which have gathered together from very different ages, cultures and prophecies in our global network. Over the past three decades, a comprehensive matrix of data and information about the development of the human being and the Earth has formed. The picture was extended through trance work with a view into the future, and through mediumistic information from my partner Sabine Lichtenfels. The result was an astonishingly clear prognosis.

The Mayan date 2012 does not mark the end of the world, but rather a peak of a global process of transformation. Humankind will change the direction of its evolution. As a result of cosmic events, the magnetic field of the Earth will change, and with it the neural fields in the brain. This is connected to significant changes in consciousness. New patterns of perception and thinking lead to new forms of living together, including a new relationship between the genders based on truth and trust. The issue of sexuality will no longer be connected to the collective trauma of fear and violence, but instead to gratitude and joy. Channels which were closed for a long time due to a traumatic history of war will open for compassion and love. A power which could be called the “Christ-impulse” will manifest worldwide. Through a global chain of events, humankind will rediscover an inner healing structure, as this is its genetic program. Many new gates will open for contact with the beings of nature. The new connection with the divine source leads to a new connection and solidarity with all co-creatures. This is not a private dream but a collective development. The cosmic pattern which we call the “Sacred Matrix” is inside us all as a definite entelechy of a new civilisation. The manifestation of a new planetary civilisation of course does not take place from one day to the next, but is rather the result of a sequence of progressive shifts which will create, through cosmic powers and human decisions, a comprehensive global movement in the next few years.


Dear friends worldwide,

We greet the peoples of the Earth. We greet the groups on all continents preparing the new age. We greet the newly developing planetary community. We are in a huge cosmic transformation. The great peace of which we have dreamt so long without avail can now be fulfilled if humanity remembers its sources and builds its culture on new foundations. This process is already taking place. A continually growing part of humankind is noticing that the hitherto existing foundations of Earth's civilisation are no longer acceptable. Self-destruction of humankind cannot be averted now without a change of direction of human evolution, and for that we do not need a special date. A misdirected concept of globalisation is leading to the destruction of the basic necessities of global life, from the ionosphere to the ocean floor. Many of the Earth's inhabitants, including the animal world, find themselves in unspeakable pain. We are approaching disaster, and civil wars and natural catastrophes will probably continue to increase. Global suffering can only be ended through a fundamental shift in the collective consciousness - and through genetic healing powers from the core of the great holon in which the Earth, the human being and all fellow creatures are connected with each other.

The Mayan date 2012 represents a planetary shift in consciousness. We are facing a cosmic opportunity; a huge door is opening.

We know that a strange attitude dominates present-day humankind. Apocalyptic scenarios seem to be more attractive than well-justified visions of healing. But in the present cosmic and earthly transformation it is definitely not about apocalypse but rather about renewal and healing.
The end of the Mayan calendar describes the end of old fields of consciousness which have dominated humankind for years. This is not the end of the world, as it could be the beginning of a new evolution. We enter a new age. The collective basic patterns of perception are changed through planetary and cosmic field powers and new patterns of behaviour will be created.
The Mayan calendar ends on December 23rd 2012. This date accords with some predictions of scientific astronomy. A peak in solar activity and the coincidence of other cosmic events will cause a change in the magnetic field of the Earth. This will lead to a change in the field of our brains. There will be a change in the neural frequency patterns which receive information from the world and respond to it. It could lead to a shift towards the alpha frequency. Time segments will expand, life will get “slower” in a certain way. The rhythms of exhalation will strengthen, resulting in a “disarmouring” of our bodies and to an opening of the sacred centres of life located in the abdomen. Suppressed layers of the human soul will be newly activated. Frequencies of the ancient times of the Goddess could become effective on a new level. Connected to that is a shift in consciousness which will lead us to a new geistic 1 level. Our geistic perception will encounter aspects of the world which so far lay beyond the range of perception, and new interpretation patterns for many things of everyday life will develop. We will understand that everything is connected with everything and how actions that create peace locally can have a global effect

1)Note of the translators: The noun “Geist” (adj. “geistic”) is used throughout this text to better reflect the notion of “intellect, spirit and soul” as expressed in this German term.

Contemporary literature speaks of the impending “frequency shift” or “leap of consciousness into a different dimension”. For example our relationship between life and death, here and beyond, will change profoundly. By shifting the frequency, a kind of “eternal vibration” will become the background of our consciousness. Humankind will become more receptive to messages from the transcendent realms of the world. The organs of perception will open to influences from the universe.
The new dimension of consciousness does not only lie in the “spiritual” area, but especially in the basic themes of our bodies, our sensual existence and our energetic embedding into the whole of life. By activating subtle-energetic powers, our bodily and material existence will change and become filled with light. Those changes that we can already predict concern the areas of Eros and religion, the strengthening of female energies, the disarmouring of men, the development of new relationships of trust between the genders, a new friendship with animals and a new connection with the great family of life. Blockages of the body and the soul which so far made contact and compassion impossible will dissolve. A new natural vibration of participation, compassion and readiness to help all fellow creatures will thereby develop. It will be a frequency of unity which will mould the arising consciousness and give human society new foundations. Unity, the holon, is no longer only a philosophical term, but an elementary experience of the human soul. The holon, however, is the holy.

Some representatives of international groups will make a planning exercise during the year 2011 in the desert, with the aim of founding a first desert city, in which the new powers of consciousness can grow organically. Plans for this have been developed over the last twenty years. New methods to provide water, food and energy in the desert areas of the Earth already exist. In the second and third decades of the twenty-first century, desert cities with 3000 to 5000 people could develop and demonstrate that complete biological re-cultivation and settlement of the Earth is possible without mega-technology and without destroying nature. This will all be possible because of new forms of cooperation with cosmic energies, forces of nature and all fellow creatures. The foundation for this is basic communication in solidarity between all participants, cleansed from all traces of fear and violence. The reason that these new model forms of life can spread astonishingly fast is the frequency shift which propagated from 2012 on, over the Earth.

Humankind has long believed that it could overcome societal deficiencies through revolutions and reforms, through democracy and conferences, through moral appeals and reason. But obviously, the opposite has occurred. The global war cannot be overcome as long as humans have not overcome their underlying inner structures and patterns of thinking. In both cases, there are the same structures of collective human trauma, originating from thousands of years of war, destruction, displacement and destroyed love. Collective thinking patterns of fear and violence are the foundation of human culture today. Neural patterns were created in the brain by violence and great pain, and they have accumulated and become strong beliefs. There are sentences such as “Evil must be punished”, “The enemy can only be defeated by violence”, “War is part of life”, “Jealousy is part of love”. In the cellars of the collective human soul swarm dreadful scenes of Hell, judgement and revenge, sin and eternal damnation.
Automatic, usually unconscious habits of thinking stand today behind our daily misery. Especially in this respect, the date 2012 will have a meaning. Through the changed magnetic field of the Earth and the accordingly changed patterns of the brain, old patterns of thinking will dissolve and make space for new connections. The activation of new neural patterns will trigger new perceptions, new images, new information and new directing impulses in the brain as well as in the cell nuclei (DNA). Entelechial patterns of self-healing, joy of life, belonging together and love, which have long been hidden behind the traumatic patterns, will be revealed. We do not expect a single punctual event taking place exactly on December 23rd 2012, but instead we perceive it as an ongoing process of overall transformation which will take a “leap forwards” on this Mayan date. A healing process which has already long been taking place behind the scenes of the world could be revealed by the conjunction of different astronomical cycles and the connections of heavenly powers with Earthly powers. Evolution will take a clear step forward.
From 2012 on, new life-forces dominated the planetary field. The long preparation of different groups, both cosmic and earthly, steered them into the direction of healing. We do not expect an immediate change everywhere on Earth, as the new frequencies collide with the old frequencies and create intense turbulence. Political and economic power cartels will try to stop the planetary renewal. People who have adapted to the old world will rebel against the new powers. For a while the collision will run through churches, schools and families. But it will not be possible to stop the overall process. It is supported by a change in moral thinking. The powers that carry the new world movement will no longer act with judgement and revenge to attacks. Enmity will no longer be answered with enmity, but through the strengthened connection with the new planetary frequency. The healing powers will prevail as they correspond to a higher cosmic matrix and are supported by the universe. Humankind is heading unavoidably towards a new unity. The frequency of arising planetary consciousness will be stronger than national or religious differences and stronger than all private interests.

An interesting development in ecology will assert itself: cooperation with nature spirits, devas and many other ensouled beings which most humans have so far carelessly overlooked as they have not been able to perceive them. We will become collectively able to see these beings as human perception is energetically refined and rarified. A new kind of cooperation starts here. The human being does not have to do everything alone. Helpful powers abound, and are ready to cooperate if humans perceive and communicate with them. A whole army of helpers is ready to liberate the world from war. The cosmic powers of light which have been arriving at our planet for some time already also signal their presence and willingness to help.
An essential aspect of the new dimension is the reintegration of human existence into the cycles of planetary life. This process has huge consequences for the development of future living conditions and water, energy and eco-systems. They are interconnected in a subtle-energetic context of information and energy which could not be seen so far in the mechanised world. Beings which were previously perceived as a nuisance, such as ants, snails, toads, rats and many more, are recognised as carriers of information and integrated into the new biotopes. They are natural cooperation partners of the human being on the path towards a healed planet. And they are, like the human being, organs of the whole of life. In this regard, human consciousness will receive a truly ethical impulse. One does not torture and kill organs which belong to the same body as oneself. The pain which the human being inflicts on his co-creatures comes back to him. Following a non-violent way of life is no longer a moral issue, but a core issue of self-preservation and self-healing.

The treatment of water will also change profoundly. Water is liquid life. Human beings will learn to purify and strengthen the life-forces of water and to use them as healing powers. Aquaculture in the new centres does not only serve to supply water and food, but also to supply healing life-information to the surrounding landscapes, as water is a central information carrier of the Earth. The flow of water – on and under the earth – serves the distribution of information fields and can naturally be used for the new in-formation of the whole Earth. The new ecology is planetary ecology. Part of this is the discovery of how water can arise through the combined action of earthly and cosmic powers. The times of water shortages, droughts and desertification will be over for ever when the human being learns to use the possibilities given by cooperation with nature.

In connection with the new planetary ecology there is a new relationship to natural catastrophes. In the rising consciousness for the unity of life, a key discovery prevails: the body of the Earth and the body of the human being are deeply connected with each other. Through the blockage and agitation of elementary (orgonotic) life energies, these bodies start to shake. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods in the case of the Earth – diseases, psychoses and violent excesses in the case of the human being. By reordering orgonotic energy patterns in the core human areas, especially cooperation between the genders, a new order arises for cooperation with all beings, also with the powers of earth, water and weather. We live in a unified energy system on Earth and in the universe. And therefore there is a clear direction for the avoidance of natural catastrophes: avoid human catastrophes! Liberate the human soul and the human body from the desperate conflicts of the past. Develop a new civilisation in which the earthly and the cosmic, the sensual and the spiritual energies can harmonise. The year 2012 will indicate a powerful start for this new level of evolution.

An essential part of the coming elevation of consciousness is the new role of the woman in human society. Neural changes will reveal collective patterns in female thinking and action which were present in highly developed archaic societies and which today return on a new level. It concerns a reconnection with the female source and female authority. To make the woman governable and compliant for patriarchy, her connection to the source had to be severed, her ancient sanctuaries destroyed, her natural relation to all co-creatures severed and her sexual wild nature domesticated. The sexual potency of a man could only unfold towards suppressed women. These structures still exist and resist all attempts at reform as long as their core is not recognised. They are a part of the collective trauma. It is in the nature of the present transformation that more and more women recognise these connections and no longer react with hatred and revenge. We see that within a few years a new women's field will extend over the Earth, in which women rediscover their entelechial role in creation and with gentle force break open their hardened structures to create new fields of power for love and for solidarity with all that lives. Men will experience the miracle of female acceptance and take off their macho costumes. They will no longer go to war. Maybe this is the deepest point that we can foresee: all war will be ended by ending the historical war between the genders. We will experience these things in the first half of the twenty-first century.

All these processes together lead to a basic paradigm shift in our thinking and actions. Science, religion, art and Eros, urban development, technology and ecology will look fundamentally different at the end of the twenty-first century than at its beginning. The whole process brings light to bodily existence and the material world, which had become too dense. Now it is becoming more permeable, more transparent and more subtle. This is true for all matter, also for the human body. An ancient wisdom is revealing itself: the material world is not only ruled by physical energies but also by energies of the geist and soul, and can therefore be changed through geist. Humankind will become able to quickly and easily change material structures by the power of thought. A new movement for research and limitless discoveries is beginning, comparable with contemporary computer development. Bodies are no longer heavy because of the old trauma. Love has become a universal power. Its frequencies heal old wounds. The collective “no” to the impulses of life, originating from the long historic war will be replaced by a collective yes. The collective amnesia will be dissolved by a collective process of remembering. Humankind will return to its common source on a higher level: to the deep connection with all that lives. Towards the one. As God acts in the connection of all beings.

The date 2012 also stands for the unification of powers of consciousness which so far could not find connection. As part of this trend towards unity, cosmic powers will connect with Earthly powers, powers of the geist with powers of the body, Marian powers with sexual powers, Christ powers with political powers, scientific powers with mythological powers, technical powers with powers of art. From such new connections, those structures so far named “dissipative structures” by science will arise: new previously unknown compositions and syntheses. A new planetary community will develop from the synergy of the streams, consisting of many different elements of the Earth's inhabitants. The movement is already taking place. It consists of a connection of Eastern mysticism and Western science, of Hopis and Europeans, of shamans and modern hi-tech specialists, of musicians in Sao Paolo, Lisbon, Jerusalem and Tamera. Very soon, places will develop on Earth where the models for a new planetary culture will arise from such connections. The information of such models will be spread over the Earth and lead to the establishment of many new centres. We see a shining network of such establishments across the Earth already by 2020, in which the foundations will definitely be laid for a new world without fear or war.
Let us work together for a new vision of the post-apocalyptic time. A new Earth is actually in preparation. We thank you in the name of all fellow beings for your collaboration.


Distribution is wished and allowed; we only ask to please always mention the source!

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