Burning of the Koran .. The next worst

Burning of the Koran .. The next worst
Abdel Bari Atwan

I visited New York City in December (December) of 2001, nearly three
months after the attacks atheist ten of September (September), hosted
by the United Nations, to give a speech, along with others, including
Mary Robinson, former Irish president and Commissioner for Human Rights
a timely manner, Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, UN envoy known, on the occasion
of the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human
Did not need a visa, as is the case now, by virtue of a UK passport, and
did not get anything inspection humiliating at the airport, although my
name and we exchange these, which affirms the fundamentalist Arab (you
need several months of waiting, inspection and Altbesim and
investigation at the airport in Chicago at the invitation of a
university to lecture
After four years of attacks).
The city in that time it was sad shocked by those attacks, and destruction
of psychological and physical massive wrought, but the degree of hatred
against Islam and Muslims were not close, even from afar, is higher
than we see now, nine years after the attacks, in most U.S. cities and
Attacks have occurred can not be circumvented, a victim of one of them an
Indian man from the Sikh community due to ignorance of the
perpetrators, and not break them up between Muslims and others, it were
similar to their cattle, and dealt U.S. security forces (FBI) roughed
up with some Muslims, and roughness remember some of the practices of
repressive regimes Arab
but the city were not to this degree of aggressiveness, and noted that
some taxi drivers and put banners in the face of the rear seat, which
emphasizes the religious identity of non-Muslim, one of them, 'I am not
a Muslim, I am a Hindu and I am proud to U.S.' to avoid any attacks by
nerds, and I saw the American flags on some houses and the state of New
Jersey to confirm the loyalty to America, It is ironic that the biggest
flag I've seen in terms of magnitude on the home owner an Arab Muslim,
as of them told me when I asked the inquiring, in case any question of
loyalty or of type 'hypocritical'.
angry reactions, or even tense among the American people, targeting
some innocent Arabs and Muslims as soon as the attacks directly, it is
understandable, there are fanatics and extremists of all peoples and
religions, but to escalate campaigns of hostility to Islam and Muslims,
after nine years, not only in
only, but throughout the Western world, under various pretexts, one
atheist ten events of September (September), this is very dangerous
requires a great effort to understand and respond to both Muslims and
non-Muslims, he added.
From the following Web sites, and some tabloid newspapers, become depressed
as a result of the bursting of its operations incitement and defamation
of Islam and Muslims along the American view, and some European
capitals, the hundreds, no exaggeration, thousands of articles that
talk about Islam as a religion of terrorism, supports wife-beating,
female circumcision
through the ugly, and married by force, and cut off the hands and
heads, stoning of adulterous, and denial of education, driving, and do
not use toilet paper, and went one known writers and his name is Martin
Peretz to say in the journal 'New Republic' Modest 'Muslim life cheap,
even for
to the Muslims themselves, they do not deserve constitutional freedoms of U.S. citizens like the rest '.
* * *
President Barack Obama himself, who condemned the move to the priest obsessed
Terry Jones burned the Koran, and supported the right of Muslims to
build a status of the Islamic near (Ground Zero) in New York to
confront the hate campaign is unprecedented, because his father was a
Muslim, so that the 52 'members of the Republican Party
said, according to a poll conducted by the magazine 'Newsweek', that
Obama supports radical Islam which wants to impose Islamic law around
the world.
Rev. Terry Jones, pastor submerged in Florida who became the most famous in
the world as a whole over the past ten days, down from its decision to
burn the Koran, for reasons we do not know, not out of conviction, (the
number of copies sold of the book is against Islam to 250 000 copies to
writing), but the damage has been done, and a message of hatred that
fired came to fruition, the oldest dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hate
like him, and seekers of fame, the establishment of 'parties' to burn
the book of God in New York and Washington (in front of the White
House) In Florida itself, Tennessee
others, and what happened is that American television stations did not
provide coverage for such acts after its absorption of the mistake in
the provision of oxygen to the researchers by the media for those
obsessed with racism and hate black.
and we who live in the West, that these extremists, racists who hate
are a small minority in Western societies, where the vast majority of
moderates who refuse to practice provocative this and condemning it
strongly, because it is inconsistent with the values of democracy,
tolerance and freedom of worship which they believe, but I am worried
that this
grow and multiply at an alarming rate these days, with the support of
some right-wing media, and increase the spread of electronic media
work, mostly from abroad in the scope of reason and control.
It was painful for me at least, the confusion that took place where the
U.S. administration in dealing with the phenomenon of burning the
Koran, especially as saying that such action endanger the lives of U.S.
soldiers in Afghanistan at risk warnings, General David Petraeus,
commander of the troops.
Such action must be condemned and criminalized no risk to the lives of U.S.
troops only, but because it constitutes an insult to a billion and a
half billion Muslims, and ran full with the provisions of the U.S.
Constitution, and presents the interests of America and the West's
economic risk, including hundreds of thousands of workers and U.S.
companies in the Islamic world
. Perhaps
what is more painful to see German Chancellor Angela Merkel, condemned
the move burning the Koran, made to honor the Danish artist's cartoons
of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in front of television
cameras, and with a smile on her face, which Tsafha warmly in sync
scary with the escalation of the controversy over
Rev. racial U.S. decision to burn the Koran. How
to give the chancellor, who described the sophistication and
intelligence to honor this step in a clear provocation to the feelings
of hundreds of millions of Muslims, a well known death toll in the
angry demonstrations that swept the Muslim world over cartoons
depicting these?
Sadly, hostility to Islam and Muslims, it is the laissez-passer rapid anyone
who wants to climb the ladder of fame, or more than the number of seats
his party in Western Parliaments, and European countries in particular.
not rule out that Ms. Merkel, whose back the chances of her party and
fall in popularity, and put this in mind when I received the Danish
artist, and we may also have seen the great progress achieved by the
Party of 'freedom' Dutchman's racial Geert Wilders in the last
parliamentary elections, where
the number of seats in parliament due to a campaign against Islam and
its leader, urge him to prevent the Holy Quran from the country, and
the production of the film 'Fitna', which is pitted against Islam and
We have to imagine for one moment how that will happen if the Jewish
religion and its followers are targeted by burning and racism, and
could set an example the process of 'demonization' suffered by Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the West after being accused of
you use this demonization at the heart of the current mobilization
campaign to rally Western public opinion against Iran as a prelude to
hit, if necessary, to destroy nuclear programs and facilities.
* * *
The most dangerous and most deadly weapons, is the weapon of anti-Semitism,
which can lead to reject any person may be offensive to the Jews and
their religion, and the closure of livelihoods in the face, and
character assassination.
are European laws criminalize those who deny the Holocaust or question
the figures, the number of victims, why should not there be laws to
protect Islam and Muslims and Christians and followers of divine
religions on an equal footing?
Islam is a target because there are Muslims who practice terrorism against innocent people in the West. And the events of September atheist ten (September), one of examples, but
not the million people who died in Iraq as a result of the U.S.
invasion, most of them innocent, is not a million women and five
million Iraqi orphans are also innocent people.
Not those who kill U.S. unmanned aircraft on the Pakistani-Afghan border in Quetta and Waziristan are innocent too?
We condemn the killing and terrorism, whether committed by Muslims or
states, but the danger lies in the attempt to use the attacks atheist
ten of September (September) to outlaw religion and its followers and
stigmatization of terrorism, such a trend that is leading to
instability, violence and terror experienced by the world today.
We have heard Western leaders condemned the burning of the Koran and we
saw the demonstrations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and
read statements by the heads of Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan
(Hamid Karzai) condemns this heinous act and warns of the consequences,
but we have not read or hear any reaction from one Arab leader, we have
not seen a demonstration in any
Arab capital, as if the burning is subject to the teachings of Confucius or Buddha.
Wayne King patron of interfaith dialogue, and where the faithful King
Mohammed VI, and where Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who wants to spread
Islam in Europe, and he declared war on the oil Switzerland ..
Why not move them individually or collectively to defend their faith and exchange vows in a strong effective?
Do not ask for using the oil weapon, nor the withdrawal of assets, or
economic boycott, we are asking only protested verbally and in the
strongest words because we know very well that they will not use any of
the weapons mentioned earlier, even if destroyed the al-Aqsa mosque and
set up on the ashes of the Temple of Solomon.
Almost sure that Sheikh Osama bin Laden, and his ally, faithful, Mullah Omar,
the leader of the Taliban are the happiest on the face of creation
escalating campaign of hostility against Islam in the West, must they
now wringing their hands with joy, his wide smile on their faces and
are watching the Rev. Terry Jones and his peers are
threaten Islam and Muslims, this is the best gift not dream of ideals in the Eid al-Fitr. Gift
will facilitate their lives and give them greater impetus to the
Tnzimehma forward, it means recruiting more volunteers, raise more
money, and gain more supporters and sympathizers.

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