@Sudip Babu, you seems to b emotionally attached with development activities with a local NGO as a professional....I also had such emotion in my previous life at the time of joining the NGO movement as an activist.. let me clarify that I am not reacting with a negative mind set... not because I failed to sustain myself in the fray..This is simply instant answer based of my experiences. ... I wd request you to look into the situation objectively...please observe the final outcomes of the NGO actions you are involved in.... whether these are really benefiting the masses or indirectly helping the resource owning capitalist class and their support/financial institutions including government to strengthen or hide their misdeeds ....apparently from humanitarian point of view it may look the NGO activities done by several so called big personalities like Anna Hazare, Mother Taresa, Dr. V. Kurien, Sundar Lal Bahuguna, etc to be pro-people but if you go deep into the situation then you will find that these activism helped strengthening the capitalism that was grinding the masses with its exploitative machines and those injured were sympathetically treated by the NGO activists (not consciously all the time) labeling stickers on their eyes so that they could not identify the real enemies and their anger could not get mobilized into resistant may argue Professor Yunus to be great for his theory of mobilization of small capital through credit and thrift (SHG) model, but who are the ultimate gainers of this big is the big capital magnets and their financial institutions that got lease of live from the fusion of the blood (small saving accumulated by poor people) of the common people with the accumulated blood (capital appropriated by the capitalist class and their financial institutions). Earlier, the big capitalists used to take loan in huge amount and managed to declare themselves bankrupt... this way they created a crisis in the financial institutions... SHG movement through NGO activism helped improving the financial health of not only the recognized banking institutions but also helped accumulating wealth by hundreds of cheaters like Shardha Group of Companies and such other Chit fund companies....finally I would say …WHAT NGO CAN DO IN 100 YEARS, MASSES EMPOWERED WITH REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS CAN DO THAT WITHIN SOME DAYS..(China is the glaring example of it).hope you will understand the essence of my comment...

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