so - in the name of co-existence, as some of you might recall, i went out there to hunt myself a job among the arabs, couldn't find one at 1st, & then one poped up a few months later. it was a job in school in nazareth - some kind of private school. i think the arabs there are christians, but i never really investigated it. anyway - few days ago, as the year comes to an end, i had my last day there. in which, some of the kids asked me few personal questions. one of them was if i love israel. well, israel is our country, what do you mean, i started to reply. well, no, they said, our country is palestine.
now, i don't know exactly who is to blame with this answer. i mean - certainly not the children, cause they are just kids, but i mean - i had several opportunities during my time in this school to see that they are sympathizing with palestine - not israel. but they are israeli citizens.
now - don't get me wrong - i am criticizing israel very much. its policy, its behavior, its inhabitants perceptions etc. & yes - i'm spiking as a jew, cause this is what i am. but then - how do the israeli arabs think of themselves? apparently, not really as a part of israel. & i think that's a problem. i mean - if you want to solve the conflict in two states for two nationalities, then what's the place of the arabs within israel?
i think israel should treat all its civilians equally, & am hoping for an open society some day in the future, which be liberal, & that won't have gethos of different nationalities within it. i think that these things should be defined, & of cause - i think the jews in israel should do much toward this utopia. but i think the arabs should do something about it as well. if you wanna be israelis - perceive yourselves as israelis - not palestinians. not so?
now - there are many additional related angles that are related. but there are a lot of other discussions in which we can do that. i just wanted to share this little, but important, piece of problematic reality

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