Corruption in India: How Can it be Checked??? Through Mass Revolution or through Fascistic Designed Anti-revolution??

6.5.2014 - Yesterday (5.5.2014), Prabhat Khabar – a Hindi Daily Newspaper from Jamshedpur   (Jharkhand, India), published a sensational news in its cover page under the heading “ Har Mah Police ki Kamai 19.48 Crore”  ; literally meaning -“Earning of Police is Rupees 19.48 Crore”. The article narrated the involvement of entire state administration  including the ruling/influential politicians in illegal trading of coal from the collieries situated in five districts of Jharkhand, viz., Ramgarh, Hazaribagh, Giridih, Dhanbad and Bokaro.  The report estimated earning of Rs. 35000.00 from illegal trading of one truck coal; wherein Rs. 20000.00 goes to Police Department alone; about Rs. 5000.00 goes to different government officials at different levels including local influential leaders (Forest Department officials get Rs. 1500.00; administrative officials get  Rs. 1500.00; local leaders get Rs. 1000.00 and Boarder police gets Rs. 1000.00 )  and rest Rs. 10000.00  remains as the  share of the trader; and on an average about 487 trucks coal  is  traded illegally resulting into sale turnover of about Rs. 1.70  crore per day or Rs. 34.09 crore (on an average 20 days transaction) per month.

This above instance is just a tip in the iceberg. There are several other means and ways of earnings of the police (who are supposed to safeguard the Constitutional provisions of human and other rights of the civilians). In rural areas of Jharkhand, the police virtually enjoy absolute power to collect levy from illegal businessmen/bus owners, contractors, ordinary people in case of disputes, etc. In Jharkhand a loot raj is going on. Here none has any concern for the adivasis and semi-adivasis (the mulbasi). The newcomers especially the capitalist class are enjoying the fruits of Jharkhand's development. They have occupied all the cityies and towns of Jharkhand forcing the poor tribals to   emigrate outside Jharkhand. Right thinking Jharkhandis should come close together to fight for the just.


The corruption in India has penetrated deep into the public lives. Can this illegal and unethical act be wiped out by the people’s representatives (MLA/MPS) who are allowed to enter into Lok Sabha (Parliament) and Bidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly)? Can the character of police and administrative department personnel be transformed (instead of demanding money from the public in lieu of their (public servants)??? No, never. Capitalism is the root cause of all evils including destitution of the adivasis). For achieving a corruption free environment, there is need to wipe out the  capitalist class and for this the common people should wage relentless struggle till their  state machinery collapses and in its place a new pro-people socialist state power is established through, anti-capitalist socialist revolution as directed by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, founder of the only genuine working class party (SUCI- C).


In fact our society has mainly two antagonistic class viz., the working class or the wealth creating class and capitalist class or parasite class. The parasite capitalist class, despite being in minority, manages to master over the national wealth after paying off some negligible portion of it in terms of wages/salaries to the working population. How they do it??? They can do it with the help of their state machinery which they (ruling capitalist class) have been handed over by the then British rulers and which was never designed to  serve the interests of the common people of India  but to maintain the so called law and order so that the exploiting parasite capitalist class can suck the blood of the working class and the workers cannot resist surrendering before them  (capitalist class)...The result of working of this state machine during post independence period is very much .obvious,  it has helped and/or safeguarded the parasite capitalist class to accumulate huge amount of wealth and capital; it has helped producing huge infrastructure base conducive to the development and growth of capitalist class ....all roads, transport... factories... mines....plans and programmes have been constructed/developed/ made/executed for development of their market and those were never targeted to serve the interest of the common masses; in this process a few among the common people did join in their (parasite class) exploitative system as slaves/servants, managers, judges, etc but they are in negligible numbers. In this struggle between these two classes, you and me have to decide whom to support and whom to reject...

The ongoing MP poll in India calls for selecting people's representatives who would be responsible to run and manage or govern the capitalist system by making themselves (the Government they form for a tenure of five years) as a temporary constituent body of the capitalist class's state all parties except the only genuine working class party - SUCI (C) have the same agenda --of be-fooling people to get their sanctions of governing/managing the capitalist state machine for a tenure of five years. It is you as a voter to decide whom to vote --- whether to the revolutionary SUCI (C ) party forces  for developing a countrywide movement against capitalist oppression and thereby preparing anti-capitalist socialist revolution or to  the anti-revolutionary bourgeoisie party forces led by Congress, BJP, CPM, CPI, SP, RJD, BJD, RLD, Trinmool, BSP, Akali, DMK, AIDMK, JMM, etc and thereby help creating conducive environment for fascism in the country.



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