debka, an Israeli media outlet, had advance knowledge of the 911 attacks


Newsletter June 2012

Dear friends,

with this newsletter we are back to the attacks of the 11th of September 2001 in the USA. According to the official story the American government was taken by surprise, so that the defense system did not react properly. We know meanwhile that there are some websites which doubt the official version but for many these websites lack credibility. Now some days ago I came across a respected Israeli website, which also in some way feeds the doubts about the official US-American version of the 911 attacks.

The website is said to be close to the Mossad. In English the site is called debkafile which is in Hebrew tikdebka and it presents itself as: “The leader on Security and Intelligence”.

It has a good reputation: “DEBKAfile has won world-class awards and is frequently quoted in the world media and contemporary documentary literature as a leading authority on geopolitical issues. DEBKAfile was cited Best of the Web in 2002 by Forbes; selected Hot Site by USAToday, profiled in the New York Observer (A Web Site With the Inside Dope on the Middle East), Time Magazine, Le Monde, Paris, Corriere della Sera, Milan, and The London Evening Standard, Wired News (DEBKA: Conflict's Drudge Report?), NEW MEDIA (For the real skinny on the Afghan story).”

DEBKAfile was founded by a team of journalists in June 2000 as an independent Internet Web site, providing an intelligence and security news service. We pioneered intensive news coverage and analysis of global terror before it hit (highlighted by me) the front pages as the looming threat to world security. This forward slant has become DEBKAfile's quintessential trademark for an ever-widening, regular audience in 156 countries.” (All three quotations are taken from the English homepage of the website under 'about us').

How does debka relate to the attacks of the 11th of September? The Hebrew site gives the “about us” (“mi anachnu”) some what different. It is more specific about the “...analysis of global terror before it hit...” It says: ”We (tikdebka) started on the 28th of May 2000 and right from the beginning we had two visions for the future: The first was that soon an Israeli-Palestinian war will brake out, the second: Al Qaida will attack the two twin towers in New York and more targets in Washington using hijacked civilian airplanes. The war between Israel and Palestine broke out in September 2000, five months after the first publication. On the 11th of September Al Qaida attacked the two twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington using hijacked civilian airplanes.” (highlighted and translated by me)

So far what we have found. These findings need an evaluation.

First I want to stress again the fact that the English and the Hebrew version differ. The English audience is definitely wider, apparently the authors did not want to be so specific and so open to those readers.

Secondly it is sure that when a media outlet which is close to the Mossad writes in such detail about the attacks of 911 then the Mossad does not know less. We can rather assume that debka received information from the Mossad for their publication. This again means that the Mossad had already 16 months before the 11th of September a detailed picture of these pending attacks!

The Israeli and the American secret services work together closely. So, the consequence is feasible: if the Israelis knew, then the Americans knew as well.

What does the truth movement say?

I use to look at But wikipedia also provides good information. We find an article (d, which deals with advanced-knowledge on the attacks. The article carries a warning, which says that its neutrality is disputed. Excuse me for just quoting the passages which follow the argument of the truth movement, if anyone is interested he can easily find the official argument of that site. Wikipedia writes: “The US administration, CIA and FBI received multiple prior warnings from foreign governments and intelligence services, including France, Germany, the UK, Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco and Russia.” Then it specifies about Israel: - “August 2001 - The Israeli Mossad gives the CIA a list of 19 terrorists living in the US and say that they appear to be planning to carry out an attack in the near future” and “... on August 6, 2001, the President's Daily Briefing, entitled Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US warned that bin Laden was planning to ... mount a terrorist strike.”

Our findings in debka add to this picture. They are special because of the long range of time - 16 months - and because they name the targets and the way how the attacks are going to be performed.

If we take all the information together we can confidently say:

The official excuse – “we were taken by surprise” - is not credible!

Let us pray:

“Lord Jesus Christ, you are our truth and our peace. We trust in you, even when the foundations are destroyed. The very hairs of our heads are all numbered. Not one sparrow falls on the ground without your knowledge. You lead history sovereignly. Help us not to be hypocrites but to recognize you in what happens in our world around us. Let us pierce through the veil of lies, the cover of false propaganda and discover your love even in the face of death and war.”

Martin and Christiane

Post scriptum:

For those among you, who read Hebrew I give also the original text quoted from the homepage of under “mi anachnu”:

תיקדבקה החל להופיע ב-28 במאי 2000, בשני אתרים, ובשתי שפות: עברית, ואנגלית.

מיד עם הופעתו פרסם תיקדבקה שתי תחזיות: בקרוב תפרוץ מלחמה ישראלית-פלסטינית. אל קעידה יתקוף באמצעות מטוסי נוסעים חטופים את מגדלי התאומים בניו-יורק ושורה של מטרות בוושינגטון.

המלחמה הישראלית פלסטינית פרצה בספטמבר 2000, חמישה חודשים לאחר פרסומם הראשון של דברים אלה.

ב-11 בספטמבר 2001 תקף אל קעידה במטוסי נוסעים חטופים את מגדלי התאומים בניו יורק ואת הפנטגון בוושינגטון.

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