Destiny of People’s Movements Cooked by Shroud Indian Politicians: An Eye Opener Political Event in Jharkhand (India)


As I have reported to all my FB friends that I am now passing my jobless days in my native village near Jameshedpur. I cannot but report the political event that I witnessed yesterday in my area. Yesterday (23.12.2012), a public gathering  in the name of “Lok Panchayat”  (literally meaning of which is “People’s Panchayat” was mobilized by AJSU (All  Jharkhand Student’s Union) one of the constituent ruling partners of BJP-JMM led Jharkhand State Government. The event took place at Agrico Maidan (open field), Jamshedpur alias Tatanagar- a town developed by the Tata Group of companies.

Before narrating the story, it is interesting to mention (background) that AJSU Party has only 4-5 MLAs (Member of Legislative Assembly) in the house of 81 members Jharkhand Assembly.  Thanks to the coalition politics, despite having only negligible number of seats, this political party could manage important portfolios in the Jharkhand Government for all its MLAs including one holding as high post (the Party Supremo) as Deputy Chief Minister.  Day before yesterday the BJP (main ruling party having its Chief Minister) organized ‘Hunkar Rally’ literally meaning “Roaring demonstration” in Ranchi. Possibly yesterday’s demonstration of this (AJSU) ally ruling partner is to show its strength before the capitalist class-the Tata group of companies and the other parties of the state governed indirectly by the capitalist forces including BJP and Congress. There is obviously a reason for this. Of late, there has been an underground tussle between the two ruling coalition partners, viz., BJP and JMM. The JMM now announcing publicly through media that there was a hidden agreement between JMM and BJP (both the parties have equal number of MLAs in Jharkhand assembly) to rule the state (and thereby rob the state resources as they have been doing since the formation of this state as an independent state in the Indian union on November 2000) by sharing the Chief Mistrial seat for equal time period. This time period is going to end in January 2013, and the ruling BJP has kept mum on this issue. To give the BJP a lesson, Mr. Hemant Soren (another Deputy Chief Minister of Jharkhand), on behalf of  JMM, has been   expressing its anger through media, that if BJP fails to keep its promise then the BJP should be ready to face severe consequences. The JMM Party Supremo Mr. Shibu Soren has already started searching alternative options with Congress and other allies. In such a circumstances, AJSU’s move to exhibit its popularity in Jharkhand becomes crucial mainly to stick it into the state power ruled by any party; because it being a smallest student’s party, could manage to grab power in ruling the state all the last 12 years and it has dreamt to capture full power in the state with the patronage of the capitalist class header by Tata group of companies.

What wonders someone after witnessing the huge wastage of public money and harassment of the daily commuters from this AJSU mobilization? The administration was seen to be a silent spectator. Announcing the event to be a gigantic one, the AJSU party media speaker Mr.  Babar khan announced (before a day of the event) that the party has deployed 500 bus transports mostly public buses, 1000 four wheelers (cars, jeeps, vans, trucks etc) and 100 auto-rickshaw to mobilize public from different parts of the district of East Singhbhum; estimating the number of public gathering to exceed one lakh. But, as per the eye witness, the number of buses deployed for people’s mobilization was many times higher than what was announced in the press. It is reported unofficially that the party ordered the Transport Union of Purulia (neighboring town in West Bengal state) for 120 big-sized public buses @ Rs. 8000.00 for each bus (as rent)    and thereby spent Rs. 10 lakh  for mobilizing the people of Patamda (65 buses) and Boram (55 buses) blocks. Rest about 30 local buses and about 30 auto rickshaws/vans/cars  also been arrested on this occasion paying equal amount of rent per bus; adding expenses on  conveyance into another 3 lakhs. It has further been reported that each bus/auto would have a music party and Rs. 1000.00 has been sanctioned to each music party, thus totaling to Rs. (10 + 3 +2.0) 15 lakh on meeting the cost of mobilization in public transport for two blocks. Besides, pocket money of about 200 public mobilizers from two blocks @ Rs. 1000.00 is added then the total bill is Rs. 17 lakh i.e. Rs. 8.5 lakh per block. Multiplying this average expense on public mobilization with another 8 blocks of the district, the amount is estimated to be Rs. 68 lakh. Thus total amount of mobilization excluding what has been spent in Jamshedpur town is estimated to be Rs. 85.00 (68+17)  lakh. Conservative estimates on other items like food and lodging on about one lakh people (20 lakh), stage decoration (3 lakh); publicity (2 lakh); local conveyance (one lakh); total cost of this event was about 1.11 crore rupees.

Another reason for organizing this so called “Lok Panchayat” by AJSU was to officially announce the entry of a veteran criminal cum mafia don of Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) -Mr.  Akhilesh Singh (who is now in jail) in the leadership of AJSU party along with his gang-men. This arrangement of the party is looked as a foresighted game of getting him (Mr. Singh) elected in one of the Jamshedpur MLA seats having his influence. Two questions that might haunt in the minds of the sensible people of this region are (i) what justification could be given to such a lavish spending for no benefit of the common men and wherefrom this money was mobilized; (ii) there is no state or central government machinery to ask the justification of such a huge spending destabilizing the normal life of the poor working population. Yet another question comes in mind is - will there be any follow up of this event to see how it benefitted the public in terms of strengthening the local governance. Possibly nothing will come out in the form of public good except gearing up of the electoral machinery of the AJSU party by adding a few number of youth volunteers devoid of any sense of ethics, morality or dignity.

Witnessing vividly all such political  events of the state of Jharkhand, one can very well imagine of the future of the state which is gradually being captured by the fascist forces to protect the interests of the capitalist class shamelessly.  Under such a situation, criminal offences like rape, violence against women, child abuse, abduction, bribery, loot, incidents of caste/religious-war/ riot, are inevitable. No amount of legislation could stop these incidences to occur because root elements of these incidents are there with those who are supposed to rule the state directly or indirectly.

In this so called regime of greatest democracy of the world, common people have been subject to severe thrashings by all means laid down by the machinery of the ruling class in connivance with the capitalist class and they (common public) have been losing their backbones to rise up to respond to the call of the hour to foil the heinous game of the capitalist class. If such political games are allowed, then the days are not far when we would witness the grave of the human civilization that have been given shape through contributions of lakhs of good and great people of this earth.

Let all the well meaning people of the country/earth should join hands to bury the capitalism and put the seeds of socialism and thereby safe the humanity from the danger of being marketed. 

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