Does anyone really think that giving the Palestinians land will help?

Palestine was never an Arab country. Jordan has always had a larger Palestinian population then Israel. Jordan and all other Arab nations kicked out and threatened Arafat for trying to create a Palestinian state in Jordan and other nations. Israel took him in. Israel has all ways said they were willing to give land for peace. Israel is a developing country. Different Palestinian Governments has always said that land alone is not enough. If there is peace with one government will there be with the others? And can they be trusted? History of the Arab countries has showed us that they can’t. There are very few hating Israel war mongers but Hamas, Fata, and Hezbollah have showed the world that even infants in their sleep are ok to Murder.


I just don’t see how anyone can pretend like none of this is true just to keep the Arab world quite.


The Jewish nation is one of the quietest and would like nothing more than to just succeed. Jews make the best of whatever is given to them. On the other hand the Arab world has more money combined, then any other nation including America and China. Yet all they do is kill each other and blame the evil Jews and the west (America). Even Osama Ben Laden at first mentioned nothing about Israel when he tried to excuse is actions on 9/11. Then months later he added the Jews in the list of reasons for killing people. Really?


It seems to me like there is a problem with the Arab culture as a whole. I don’t know what it is maybe you can help us all find it out what it is and fix it.


One thing Hamas and Hezbollah are right about, “Jews love life”. And it seems to me like they don’t.


Again I ask will giving up land realy help?

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Comment by avi on June 3, 2011 at 7:51pm

Asaf i am educating myself by talking to people of oppesite ideas. despit what is said by many others a littel comen sence tells me that an arab family we wanted to stay in his house in 1948 he could have since there are so many arab villages in israel and in the wast bank that pre date 1948. which tells me that if an arab famiely wanted to stay their. there was an opertunity to ether stay were they were and not couse problems ( this was during and prepeation for a war). or move to an area that was not going to be destroied. but there own brothers though them under the bus by telling them to flee and then not take them in. this is just my opinoin and is not basted on facts so i dont argue it with sussan.



Sussan  all you did was prove my point...

1)  in none of your Quates did any one say kill all the arabs but what you said they said was to   "transfer,expropriation and the removal,expel the Arabs and take their places" and more. lets not forget that the arab nations of the world at that time said that they will attack israel and they did. All the leaders at the time know that they cant protect israel if there are arab towns all over the country. israel did what it had to do to servive. would you fight for israel, if israel had lost the war and all that was left was tel aviv and some suberbs. with a constant bardge of misles? if there was even an israel state at all?

2) your earlies Quate was from 1949 and what i said was there are no jewish leaders. Impling today. i did that on perpes for both of our sake. History is never clean. there are far more Arab leaders that have said bad things about jews and israel then jews have said about arabs and i dont want to get in to that. but i wanted to focus on the here and now. how many arab leaders say pablicly to there people that israel has a right to even exist? never mind the kill the jews that is said in the mosque every friday.


i find it intresting that you did not address my coment sabout the arabs liking to kill and being brain washed from childhood. i said that to see what you will answer. please tell me what you think about that.

p.s. I respect your knowledge and enjoy learning from you.

Comment by Asaf Meir on June 3, 2011 at 11:32am

Avi & Sussan - you argue is exactly the point where we stand, i believe we have to try and move alittle, so we can better the things.

Hertzel, Ben Gurion, my grandmother, my dad, me, my cheildren, and so on claim to be able to live in Israel, and it is true that we all say that if it is nesacary we will fight for this - there is nothing wrong a about it.

If i was a living Arab in 1948 in Israel i would give my house to the holocaust refugees, but things went in different directions, they choose to fight instead of sitting in peace side by side.

I am sorry for the Arabs for giving up the right to have their own land in 1948, but now they have a second chance.

If we will know how to see things better it will be great - let us educate our children for understanding.

Comment by avi on June 2, 2011 at 8:42pm

Susan I dont care to say that Ben Gurion said it first. becouse he was saying what Arab leaders were thinking, and if i am wrong then no arab leader corected him. He did not threten the jewish state he was pointing the out obvies. and the Arab leaders of the world liked the idea. now how meny of then repeat this statement over and over again. there are no jewish leaders that say kill al the arabs or push them in to the desert to die.

you say you want the truth. Yet you dont like to see it. The arabs want to kill, thats it! I am not even sure if they care who they kill since they kill each other so much. sure they hate Israel but do they know why they hate israel? they are brain washed from child hood that jews are a vires or plage the littel devil ( america is the big devil). but why did the jews really take the land? Israel had it way befor Arabs were around 2000 years befor the koran was writen. and they were killed and kicked out. they just came back to there home.


Comment by Jeff stern on June 2, 2011 at 2:44pm

Susan - funny how you can find the same response that you gave on the offical David Duke website

David Duke - former Klu Klux Clan Member, White supremisist, ant-semite ...what does that tell you?

Here are what more of your "friends" said:


"This origin of corruption [Israel] will soon be wiped off the Earth's face!"

-- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President

"If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."

-- Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General

"We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem....All the rich Jews who will get compensation will travel to America....We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years we will have six to seven million Arabs living in the West Bank and in Jerusalem....You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State....I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews."
Yasser Arafat, then head of the PLO and PA President - Private speech entitled "The Impending Total Collapse of Israel", Stockholm, Sweden, January 30, 1996


Comment by avi on June 1, 2011 at 6:28pm
Well how much land is enough? according to the PA that was handed 93% it was not enough there has to be some security. Since everyone know that some of the Palestinian govenment officals said out loud that they "will not stop till the jews are pushed in to the ocean". that sounds to me not like a land issue but a hate issue.


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