I am seeing a common trend here in the blogs. I see the word 'education' everywhere. I find it interesting that for such a group stuck on 'education' we still call a murderer a 'suicide bomber'! I think that maybe we have it all wrong, you know our words. Maybe we use our words too freely here? As far as the middle east is concerned, I believe we need the human spirit to prevail, that measure of goodness that we all have inside of ourselves. Education is a good thing but, it's not a 'fits all' tool.

I am risking in having some very well 'educated' people getting insulted. Yet, the lack of peace in the middle east isn't a mathimeitcal problem (math problem).. it's a way of 'feeling'.. mistrust, betrayal etc.. If we'd get our attention off our selves and on our family we'd stop putting so much attention on our political views and start to see the human spirit and our simularties.

Here's what I don't like about the word education, in my mind it 'supposively' chooses a leader, a teacher.. which intern teaches an idea.. which forces you to chose a side.. where we find the root of a 'disagreement'.. but when we look within our surroundings at our famillies, we see 'needs' and we no longer see a measuring stick but, a community.

Is education the fit all tool? No it is not. Just like a rifle, gun isn't a good gardening tool, shovel.

I dare say, maybe it's a cop out? A skapegoat, a fall guy? Some one to put the blame on?

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