last time i wrote about the organized trip to hebron. later i received an email that informed me that the army stopped it & didn't let the peace people enter into the palestinian authority in the city. actually - that suits very well with what i know - israelis are not allowed in places that are in palestinian auhtority. what i'm surprised a bit of is that a peace organization,with a lot of experience, decided to issue this trip anyway.
this leads me back to a wonder - is it worth to fight this way? why fight against strong force like the army & not in court? - after all - if we'll win in court, than the army will have to help us...
this question goes to a lot of activities that are illegal like some demonstrations that are taking place. as far as i know - you can't win the army, so why to fight this way? especially in violence? anyhow - while provoking & keeping the army more busy, we must (the israelis, at least) remember that the soldiers there are often not pleased with the situation they got into. after all - the service is still obligatory.

last time i also reported that i'm about to start volunteering in an activity of the olive tree movement - driving palestinians patients from check-points in the territories to hospitals in israel. well - i did it twice already. nothing much to tell. since i don't speak arab, & in both cases my passengers didn't speak reasonable hebrew or english, the sound during the drive was mainly that of the radio. so - not much contact, but the atmosphere was generally positive. it takes in total about 3 hours each time from when i leave home till i return home, & the gas is not more than couple of dozens of nis. i think this activity is probably quite pure in terms of really helping people in need in the most human way. as i mentioned before - i don't have much experience as a volunteer. anyway - i think it suites me for now.

last thursday i went to an house meeting of "worriers for peace" (is that the english name of the group? - i'm translating literary & freely). the group is telling the personal stories of israelis & palestinians that were involve in the fighting, & chose to neglect violence & talk to each other instead, build bridges & understanding within the group, & then to present it to the public on both sides & also abroad. it was a constructive evening to all the participants, & it proves how important it is to do such things.

so, my peace activity so far: 1 peace cafe, 1 evening with worriers for peace, 1 shift as a guest with machsum watch, 2 olive harvests, 2 driving patients to hospital trips, & writing.
i've been writing for peace in several places in the past - mostly in hebrew. it wasn't that much, but certainly more than my other activities so far. the writing here i think is important cause it's international, & making peace is international. the writing here lets people knows about me - that i'm a human been, that i want peace, that i care also for the other, but also - lets people know how the israeli side might look like even if a person may have this kind of character. so - "voicing israel", even if just from an individual personal point, is valuable.
sometimes i feel like i'm being expected, as a peace activist, to automatically justify the palestinian side, & always claim that my counrty/people/state is criminal inhuman monster. the thing is that i think that the true is not that simple, & anyhow - i'm still exploring it (for this mater, it is also important to read & debate here, of course). in the meantime i feel that there are some peace makers that forget to explore if the other narrative has some point, so sometimes i remind points myself. nevertheless - i think there is much work on the israeli side to make it aware of what is really going on, & to make it more moral. for that purpose it is important that i'd participate in the inner israeli debate, & that means mostly outside of this site, & of course - in hebrew. 1 more wondering that is related to this topic though - one can not escape noticing the neighbor site of ipeace, which seems to be bigger & more popular, but is still related to here. so, the question rises - do you think i should continue my blog over there instead of over here from now on?

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Comment by Nadjaschka on December 22, 2008 at 10:20pm
I like what you are doing and I think it is a lot, if everybody would do just a little bit, we could be much closer to PEACE
Comment by Neri Bar-On on December 22, 2008 at 9:58pm
:) there will be a 4th one as it look peace will not come on us easily. but I hope you can make it to the next one.
Comment by adi silberberg on December 22, 2008 at 9:40pm
thanks neri for your nice & encouraging comment.
about the next peace cafe - i want to come, but still not sure if i can make it - that's the reason i haven't subscribed to it yet
Comment by Neri Bar-On on December 22, 2008 at 9:25pm
Dear friend,

You are doing great work and I think you need to know that as I am happy to know of the driving patients to hospital trips is very important work.

I would love to read you here and in iPeace, and be happy to see you in the next Peace Cafe on Jan 2nd.

About us working in the conflict and that some people expect us to accept their world view about the situation, this is very hard and emotional. When you have more connection with people it is less critical but the intensity of the conflict make a lot of power for "Statements" . From what I am reading you are doing good from a human view point and as you continue in that you are bringing peace day by day. No one can take it from you.


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