Future of Indian Governance under Capitalism: Revolution led by SUCI (C) or Counterrevolution led by Bourgeoisie Party/es

After publication of the results of 16th Lok Sabha General Election, the most pertaining task of the new government would be to give the disorganized and corrupt Indian capitalism a final and ending shape through a process of concretization (opening the all possible scope of entering foreign direct investment at any terms and conditions). Before, this it has to come across two very tough phases viz, First- A phase of expansion from 1947 till 1991 (before liberalization) compromising all anti-humane forces and/or adopting all types of corrupt practices; and Second - the phase of consolidation from 1991 till the end of 15th Lok Sabha tenure (Post liberalization) 15th May, 2014. The third phase would yet b very tough. But if it get succeed to win over the hurdles (foiling the genuine people's movement through a fascist design) as it did in last two phases, then it would be completing the whole process of dehumanization by chopping the heads of all democratic and secular intellectual people of the country who throughout history stood or dare to stand to support legitimate movement for emancipation of the working humanity. Because the new phase would not take any chance to tolerate any public resistance against the capitalist system. The new phase would be solely responsible to do everything for the elites and those people (government officials/staff) who would be involved in managing the governance system by safeguarding permanent structure of the state power i.e. judiciary, bureaucracy, police and defense. It would try to keep the working humanity in dark and with illusions/confusions by keeping them virtually crisis -ridden, illiterate or semi-literate so that they could never understand how the fascistic design of the capitalist system works in appropriating the hard earned income and wealth of the toiling millions by the parasite capitalist class who live managing/trading the income/assets created by workers of the country mainly to quench their ever ending thrust of profit maximization. (cond,,,)

I am putting a question before the right thinking people of the country whether they will support to the ongoing system that wants concretization to serve the capitalist class and deprive the majority people from enjoying their basic human rights or they would resist united to foil the game plan of the capitalist class. We have no any alternative in between these two ways. If we keep ourselves indifferent then we would indirectly extend support to the capitalist class to fulfill their heinous dreams by bringing fascism in the country.

 It is high time to analyze the Indian model of capitalistic economic development from common people’s point of view? Whose interests are being served by this model? Has this model been at all fit for the wellbeing of the common masses or it is biased towards a particular section of population. There are enough evidences to proof that this capitalist development model of India has been pro-capital and anti-working class. During post –independence period much of the nation’s wealth has been appropriated by the capitalist class and therefore the gap between the rich and the poor has relentlessly widened. Human quality index with respect to peace, harmony, happiness, enlightenment, broadness of mind, self-sacrificing attitude towards resolving social problems, community initiatives for common good, self-dependency, creativity in all walks of life, love for the people of the nation, etc   have got diluted making the social environment poisonous. This model knows only market development keeping aside the humane factor. Here everything is a marketable commodity. Even the man and manly qualities/dignities are marketable. Women are much more victim of this system because they and their beauties are placed for marketing. Can such a model be tolerated? Did Gandhi, Subhas, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram, and thousands of martyrs wanted this type of development? No, Never!! They wanted a socialist India where man will be at the fore in all economic, social, political and cultural activities. Now market get prominence in all walks of human lives.  

I have deeply studied the so called development and welfare programmes (pro-poor and anit-poverty/safety net programmes, as they call) of the governments (both central and states) and found that all those programmes are primarily targeted for market development and not for community or poor people’s development. These programme target to ensure flow of capital in remote rural areas so that their (poor people’s) earned incomes could be extracted by the capitalist class who have invested capital in rural areas either as brick factory owners or truck/tractor/bus/car/motor-cycle owners or as marketing agents of   industrial goods like cement, iron, lime, and/agriculture goods, etc.  (contd..).

There are numbers of political parties in the ensuing Lok Sabha (MP) Election fray who unlike past 15 times MP Elections in the county echoing in the air that, if voted  to power, then they (elected MPs) would make the hell like earth into heaven for the poor and downtrodden section of populations who have been deprived so far mostly under Congress rule. Is it their real call or they are crying crocodile’s tears? Who can understand this? The poor and vulnerable masses constituting the majority, have been compelled by the ruling elites to lead most miserable lives; this is why, the poor have virtually no analytical mind, no knowledge, abilities and leasure-time to know the truth and/or unfold the real face or hidden strategy of the bourgeoisie class and their parties. They (common masses) have very shortsighted memory and they are disorganized (economically, socially, religiously and politically). Their socio-economic behaviors are still under the grip/influence of cultural hangovers of the then past social formations (slavery, feudalism, etc).  All these weak points of the Indian masses are strength of the elite ruling class and their parties/leaders, who capitalize these vices in acquiring the governance structure of the state machine. The elite ruling parasite class despite being in minority could mobilize the masses in favour of their parties with the help of money, muscle power, publicity through mass media and strategy of dream making, despite the fact that they (elite class) are not homogeneous groups. They are divided into multi-national capitalist class, national capitalist class and regional capitalist class like . Each class is represented by their political parties like Congress and BJP for the former two classes and regional parties like SP, BSP, DMK, AIADMK, Akali Dal, Shiv Sena, NCP, JD(U), BJD, TDP, AGP, CPI (M), TMC, etc for the later elite class. The capitalist class manages funding for their parties in getting people’s concurrence in terms of voting. People’s perception towards vote politics centres on the political parties propagated by the elite class. The common Indian masses are yet to realize that their fate can never be changed at the mercy of the branded political parties of the elite class. They also need to recognize that only a genuine working class party formed and funded by the working class people of India can think positively for safeguarding their interests. It is disheartening to note that after being grinded under the rule of the elite class for last seven decades after independence, the poor working class has also developed elite class mentality. They cannot recognize their own political party - the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) that came into being in the year 1948 (immediately after independence) when a band of revolutionaries having networks in the then Anushilan Samiti (a revolutionary wing that fought for freedom of the nation) realized that the fruits of freedom movement is being appropriated by the elite class in absence of a genuine working class party. Network of the Party –SUCI (C) has now spread over almost all corners of the country adopting its own style of uncompromising people’s movement to safeguard the interests of the masses. It has filled as many as 84 candidates in the ensuing MP election. Surprisingly, not a single newspaper or any media channel conveyed this news to the common masses of India. This is surprising. Is it accidental or deliberate? This is a big question to be answered.  Because all of them (elite class, their party leaders and media) know that if SUCI (c ) comes into limelight, the Indian masses would get awakened and they could not be fooled any more. The SUCI (C) will open the eyes of the masses through which they could see how they have been deprived and cheated under the governance/grief and tentacles of the capitalist state design and their policies. Not only that the common masses would get prepared to transform the state-power through revolutionary upsurge in no time. Let us see whether in the coming future revolution led by SUCI (C ) or counter revolution led by Congress or BJP or combination-permutation of all the regional bourgeoisie parties  will win!!!!!

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