On November 9th, the Global Grace Day, people around the world will stand up and take action. It is the day of the movement of all those who have begun to work for a new Earth without violence and war, Terra Nova.

The world is in transition to a new way of life on Earth. The old hierarchies and dictatorships cannot remain much longer. Capitalism is breaking down, the imperialist systems are destroying themselves. We are in the historic year of change 2012. From the Arab world and Russia to the US, from the youth uprisings in Europe to Africa and Latin America, the peoples of the world are rising up in a fight for dignity and justice.

Now it is time for the peace powers of the Earth to come together and find a positive vision for the future that will guide us towards a new culture. The Movement for a Free Earth is an encouragement to make this perspective visible and tangible everywhere.

November 9th marks the coming-together of a global alliance for life: We celebrate the emergence of a new humaneness. We want to strengthen the solidarity of the newly arising planetary community, recognizing that beyond all the boundaries of culture and nation, ideology and religion, life itself holds the perspective of a healed planet and a humane form of existence without fear and violence.

November 9th is a historic day: In 1938 it was the so-called “Night of Broken Glass”, the day on which the persecution of Jews in Germany begun and became public. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. On Global Grace Day, we have summoned a collective power committed to opening all the walls, the inner and outer ones, which separate human beings from each other. Global Grace Day was initiated by Tamera-cofounder and peace activist Sabine Lichtenfels on her political pilgrimage to Israel-Palestine in 2005. "Grace" signifies that the injuries and pain suffered will no longer be answered with hatred and violence. The pain has given birth to a new determination. Hatred has transformed into an absolute decision for life, peace and healing. There is no neutrality any longer, as we have taken a stand for life. We recognize that accusations and judgements are of no use any more, because they only perpetuate the downward spiral of violence. On Global Grace Day we rise up to end war wherever we can.

Join us on November 9th, take a stand for a new culture. Join the spirit of the planetary community in pilgrimages, marches, s treet actions, musical and theatre performances and other creative ways. Each place partaking joins a worldwide "conference of life": Every local initiative is invited to dedicate their action in particular to a specific cause or being, which we want to bring into awareness, e.g. there will be a Grace pilgrimage in Israel-Palestine walking along Jordan river dedicated to the being of water.

Everyone joining is invited to send us information about what you plan to do as well as documentation afterwards (report, photos, video). The "conference of life" shall also be a reminder that the global community doesn't only consist of humans, but of all that lives, including animals, plants, mountains, rivers, seas etc.

A power text by Dieter Duhm and a text of meditation from Sabine Lichtenfels will serve all groups as guide line and common orientation. Please distribute this beautiful manifesto amongst your friends and networks and read it out loud in the actions you take on November 9th.

We thank you in advance for your participation.

We are looking forward to hear from you and your plans!

For a future without war.

In the service of warmth for all that lives.

Institute for Global Peacework, Tamera

ipg (at ) tamera (dot) org

Download the introduction text by Dieter Duhm as pdf in your language in the Download section

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