It appears that Hamas is on the same footsteps of Jamal Abdel Nasser, where it Spark war In order to achieve political fame, then offer the Palestinians for genocide by the mechanism of the Israeli military, and after a military defeat in the war against Israel, Hamas falsifies facts and declare that they triumphed over Israel, so am going to review some results of the recent war in Gaza as follows:

  • 162 deeds and 1222 injurers “Declared number”.
  • Thousands of Palestinians displaced and leave their homes and property.
  • Demolition of most of the government facilities, infrastructure and metadata of Gaza.
  • “Unspoken” two Israelis pilots prisoners (in the custody of “Abu Obaida” one of the leaders of al-Qassam Brigades).
  • Harnessing (hiring) hundreds of Palestinian boys/youth (15-18 years old) in the work of tunneling (religious conscription/forced labor) inside Gaza (project of Gaza underground) to work mobile rocket launchers for war against Israel.
  • How much Israel has been able to impose peace (through the truce and ceasefire) use excessive military forces to force Hamas to accept a state of peace.

In my opinion, it seems to be the ultimate victory for Hamas (Hamas announced that 22 Nov. should be the National day of Gaza) is that the capture of two Israelis, where seen as an effective way of pressure on the Israeli government (in coming negotiations) to release Palestinian prisoners.

Khaled Hassanin

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Comment by Tim Upham on November 24, 2012 at 10:15pm

First of all, you are not alone on what you are striving for, because we are all striving for the same thing.  Instead of people being polarized into hateful camps, have them be able to live together.  In order to do so, change must come from within.  If Jimmy Carter can say "the Muslim Brotherhood is something we can live with," then how do we live with it?  Including its extension Hamas.  Is Mohammed Morsi sweeping executive powers the answer?  It depends on what he uses those power for, because he can either use it or abuse it.  If Hamas sparked the war to try to achieve goodwill, then why is the world media now showing all the massive clean-up going on within Gaza?  For did not this war negate the U.S. $400 million dollars Qatar gave Gaza?  The rocket firing started after that sum was received.  But Qatar, who is now building up its naval defenses along with the United Arab Emirates against a threatening Iran.  Iran who supplied the rockets.  I had someone on "The Times of Israel" say to me, that with Israel becoming a high-tech giant, Israel can share that high technology with its Arab neighbors, and it can be profitable to both of them.  This person responded with "but the Arabs view doing business with israel as capitulation."  I replied "but do the 1,200 Jordanians working for Israeli companies, care when they are receiving their weekly paychecks?"  If we view it as capitulation, then we will always be polarized into those hateful camps.  My hope is that Mohammed Morsi's sweeping executive powers can breakdown the polarizing within the Muslim Brotherhood, such as when the Egyptian Supreme Court declared void that the 1979 peace accords with israel, were not legal because they came from the previous government, and hopefully to sack that dreadful Mohammed Badie,  Morsi -- the first democratically elected president of Egypt -- has an enormous amount of opposition, so dictatorial powers may end up being his only answer.  But that leaves Hamas, what is their excuse?

Comment by Tim Upham on November 24, 2012 at 8:54pm

I am not going to say what you mentioning is right or wrong, but it is very theoretical.  Because it is asking the question "What will make the Palestinians happy?"  Take back all of Israel.  Can they do that?  What was suppose to make the Egyptians happy was overthrowing Hosni Mubarak, and having democratic elections.  But are the Egyptians happy?  It is not the Arab temperate to give them a bag of gold, and they will complain about the color of the bag.  A realistic demand that Hamas had was free movement between Gaza and the West Bank.  Which makes since.  For that is something Israel will have to address, if there is an independent Palestine -- free movement between the West Bank and Gaza.  But what also has to be address is political unity among the Palestinians, which right now is sorely lacking.  Because with the actions of Hamas, it left Al Fatah and the Palestinian Authority out in the cold -- the political faction in contract with Israel.  Which really boils down to, if the Palestinians really want leverage in dealing with Israel, they are going to have to be a politically united people  So Al Fatah cannot be the only faction having contact with Israel -- Hamas is going to have to do it as well.  The only hope that can be seen on that, if is Mousa Abu Marzook can succeed Khaled Meshaal, because Abu Marzook went out on his own, and said by all means he wants to see the cease-fire between Israel and Gaza hold.  So does this put Mitt Romney's "kick the ball down the field" concept in view?  I am afraid it does.  So it kicks the balls back into Hamas' field.  The question is what is Hamas going to do with it?

Comment by Khaled Hassanin on November 24, 2012 at 2:00pm

Actually, I have only one choice in my life, just the peaceful coexistence between all peoples in our world, and particularly in the new middle east, by the way I am wondering, how did you get my short topic " Hamas proud of killing its people", on the other hand am not going to remind you that I consider myself one of the most people opposed Muslim Brotherhood approach in any country in general, but in Palestine /Egypt in particular, moreover, I said " Hamas sparked war In order to achieve political goodwill \ propaganda " , it means all that Hamas is doing is to launch a missile over Israel, then the result is killing Israeli civilians, after that Israel start to defend itself,.  By destroying everything, and then a surprise is that Hamas announces that they triumphed after the death of its people, and makes 22 November as national day “Nasser’s approach”, on the other hand, Hamas considered is one of the three evil arms of Iran in the Middle East (Hamas, Hezbollah, Bashar Assad), so once this evil passes away from our world (by cutting his nails), then we will find peace and tolerance among human beings, finally, now only Hamas accept the peace after destroying of  Gaza, but in the past they never do, why?,  It means Israel has the ability to spread the peace by force not by Persuasion Arab leaders or even peoples, because Arabs behavior towards Israel is always of strategic avoidance or exploiting all opportunities of peace, that’s why I always feel sorry to my kids and myself.    

Comment by Tim Upham on November 24, 2012 at 2:38am

One thing that needs to be taken into consideration, is the economic devastation Hamas has done to Gaza.  Hamas states it wants open borders with Israel.  That should be open borders and trade with Israel.  Israel has offered to develop Gaza's share of the Tamar natural gas fields, but instead the Russian company Gazprom will be doing it.  That is if Gazprom can operate free of the risk of aerial bombardment.  But if Israel will not be developing the Tamar natural gas fields, then Gaza can be developing a service sector for its economy.  An operational airport in Gaza could be used by Israeli farmers coming up from the Negev, to fly out fresh fruit and flowers to markets overnight in Europe, and Gaza could be getting service fees and tax revenues off of it.  Also, grapes and olive oil produced in the West Bank, could be brought over to Gaza for the same purposes.  Hamas announced it will recognize the pre-1967 borders.  Borders with who?  China?  Hebrew is now being offered in Gaza schools.  Instead of using it to talk to the enemy, use it to talk to future customers.  Have Gaza start making money off just those criminal tunnels they are taxing.


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