[so far yet so near]

Hope my foundation stone,
a breeze of emerald light;
warm glistening of rustling branches,
leaving no fear in the shadows.

With a singing heart,
regrets do not engulf me
and makes hope my true land,
as celestial clouds revive my happiest memories of azure blue
and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Propellored 'planes on friendly journeys traverse the sky;
I think of voyages I've yet to embark on,
adventures of new beginnings,

rekindling friendships,
by fires,
on hillsides,

a circle of embrace.

(c) Robbie Fry

[when we have hope in our heart we have no regrets for the past and no fear of the future;
the future is now . . . let us live with hope].

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Comment by Sami Abu Zgarit on September 19, 2010 at 1:39am
Comment by R F on April 16, 2009 at 6:26pm
:-) thank you. It is a very personal poem. I wrote it at around a challenging time in my life. Poetry is a battle to 'achieve' - Yes , they 'hop' out sometimes but that still comes from an inner resolve.
I have no desire to spend hours on the net so I hope, + that is my intention of what I create, what I do put up inspires even if only a small way. Thank you again Shells; regards Rob


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