How can we make a positive contribution to the peace process?

It is hard to sit back and watch the Israeli Palestinian conflict go on and feel like there is no real way to make a positive contribution towards peace. There are many way to get involved, whether it is becoming an activist, forming a dialogue group or researching ideas for peace.

One area which we tend to forget about is the economic component to the conflict. The poverty and widespread unemployment in the region exacerbates an already contentious issue. Understanding that economic development is a vital component to peace in the region, 4 students from the University of Pennsylvania, 2 Jews and 2 Arabs, sought to find a way to bring Palestinians in the West Bank out of poverty. They created, a website which allows lenders from all around the world to loan as little as $25 to micro-entrepreneurs in the West Bank. Through the innovative tool of microfinance, these entrepreneurs are given the ability to create their own success, enabling them to increase their standard of living. It is the hope that this will create more economic opportunity and political stability in the region.

I am very inspired by these students' ability to take an idea and turn it into a reality. I am interested to know what other ideas the people of MEPEACE have about how to contribute to the peace process or things you have done to make the region a more peaceful place. Please post here and share your ideas!

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Comment by windsfeather on October 29, 2009 at 8:57pm
Check with your local congressman or Senator. Montana's Senator did an omnibus package of 19 million and was touted this year by the new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

There are many attached ngo's within this website and the economic micro and macro is a great concern. It would be vital if you contacted the four individuals who created the new ngo to link us to them and also go through each and every ngo on the listed lists eyal has provided and contact them. Each one can add links to their sites. Jordan has this awesome sheik who has a bank who does macro and micro programs to individuals and programs. I believe he lives in Petra. It would be vital for this program to enlist bankers from both Israel and Palestine and their sub-banking systems. This will give one individual a month of work. But the end result will be great. add me and let me know what you find. The designer of this site has also created a ngo that does building in the area you describe. He designed the program from Germany and has built their first home. Little efforts pay out in long term commitments. There are also many key investors who are contributing in Palestine currently. The program must tie in the countries surrounding their need to increase maximum gains.
Comment by windsfeather on October 29, 2009 at 8:47pm I have emailed him to look into his program.
Comment by Bishop Dilshad Bhatti on October 29, 2009 at 1:00pm


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Comment by Andre on June 30, 2009 at 3:58am
Thank you for your contribution and inspiring news of the two four guys who turned the idea into reality. I have noticed big investment is taking place in Qatar and Dubai, I wonder if we could inspire those in the west to think about similar investment that must take place in Palestine. If only we can take investment in that region and establish educational colleges and training centres, health, environment, and especially empowerment and personal development courses can make a huge difference to human lives. I would recommend leaders of MePeace to join club membership free of charge on which has many clubs, and the ones that are more active are clubs such as dubai and Qatar. Please log in to ecademy for free, and join those clubs for free. You meet highly skilled and top professionals who are seeking to work or invest in those countries. You could start a club as this one on ecademy to attract CEOs and investors into the region.

I hope this helps



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