Brief synopsis: The author defines Jew and Zionist while both Jews and Muslims are in fear of a blowback on all Jews resulting from political Zionism . This danger is very real, I personally worry about it all the time here in the US! Some US citizens are happy to allow Israel to eat off their plates but when the cupboards are bare these same people are going to turn! Who are they? They are the same people (type) we saw at the McCain rallies. And since they can't reach Israel they will turn on the nearest Jews they find. When * hits the fan! That's how it works. Will the Jews find refuge in Israel? What about all those angry Muslims in the world who are seething over the pornographic slaughter in Gaza? I see the author wants to clarify the Muslim position for the protection of the Jews as well as the position of Muslims in general. I was really happy to find this post. And anyone else who lumps Zionism with all Jews. He is clarifying for everyone. I liked this post because of how this Arab Muslim and Jew were once again allies like the days before 1948!

The recent attack on Gaza has angered Muslims all over the world. Within just three weeks, the Israeli forces have killed more than a thousand Palestinians and injured more than 5,000 others; most of them are civilians. Israel has been condemned by Muslims in public demonstrations as well as weekly Friday sermons worldwide. Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that many Muslims do not express their frustrations and anger against Israel and the Zionist movement alone. Rather, many Muslims are attacking the Jewish people in general. This hatred towards the Jews has become so deep so as to amount to racism and anti-Semitism! The truth is, this indiscriminate hatred towards Jews is not only counterproductive, it is devastating. What Muslims do not realize is that the deeper their hatred for the Jews, the stronger the Zionists will become.

Zionism is NOT Judaism

All this while, the Zionist movement and the state of Israel have been very smart in acting as the representatives of Judaism and the world Jewry. This is utterly outrageous in the eyes of the Orthodox Jews who practice Judaism strictly according to the teachings of the Torah. Judaism, by principle, is against the formation of Israel. It may come as a surprise to many Muslims that the authorities of Judaism are against the creation of Israel and they strongly support Hamas and their struggle to liberate Palestine from the Zionist regime!

Zionism is NOT Judaism. Judaism is the religion of the Children of Israel for several millenniums, following the teachings of the earlier prophets. According to the true Judaic teachings, the Jews are forbidden from establishing a Jewish state; they are to continue to live in exile and they are forbidden from entering the Holy Land as a body, until the return of the Messiah. The Jews were once given the Holy Land by God so that they worship the Almighty and practice the Torah. But they abused this privilege, so they were banished from the Holy Land. Pious Jews accept this penalty of exile, and they believe that living in exile is the only form of redemption.

Zionism, on the other hand, is a modern innovation just over a century old. It is the ideology that the Jewish people should gather around the hill of Zion in Jerusalem, and to form a Jewish state to govern the Holy Land, ahead of the predestined time. This is by no means religious. The Zionists struggle is mainly political and nationalistic, but they pay those false rabbis to preach the pseudo-religious propaganda that the Jews are the ?Chosen People? to govern the Holy Land. In fact, many Zionist are atheists who do not even believe in God. Zionism is a rebellion against the decree by God that the Jews must remain in exile. For the pious Jews, Zionists are nothing more than secular deviant heretics. The creation of a Jewish state is mainly to satisfy their hunger for power and world domination. Many historians deduced that, throughout the history, whoever rules Palestine rules the world. Empires like the Roman Empire, the Byzantine and the Ottomans all had their fair share of glory at the time they rule the Holy Land.. The Zionists know this only too well.

The Orthodox Jews and other anti-Zionist Jewish groups have been fighting against the formation of the state of Israel even before the creation of Israel in 1948. In the early 20th century, a devout Jew named Yaakov DeHaan worked very hard to prevent the advent of Zionism in the Holy Land until he was assassinated by the Zionist in 1924. Many others were imprisoned or murdered by the Zionist government inside the Holy Land. The anti-Zionist Jews are still fighting to get Israel to be wiped out from the World Map until today, even though their efforts have always been silenced by the mass media which are controlled by the Zionist network. You may find information about them in their websites such as,, and
Some anti-Zionist Jews may not be as religious, but they know the truth about the Zionists being criminal warmongering terrorist network. People like Prof. Norman Finkelstein ( have been trying to educate the American public of the Zionist conspiracy through his books and public lectures; he has also suffered a lot of hostility from the Zionist movement.


According to an anti-Zionist Jew in his writing, the oxygen and lifeblood of Zionism is anti-Semitism. The only pretext for the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 was the Holocaust. Zionist essentially lives off the sufferings of the Jewish people! Whenever there is criticism about the state of Israel, they will always pick up the Holocaust race card, as if the Holocaust justifies everything. Whoever criticize Israel will be labelled anti-Semitic!

When the Zionist movement went to Iraq around 1900-1910 to invite the Iraqi Jews to migrate to Palestine, the Iraqi Jews took it as a joke. Why would they leave their comfortable and peaceful life in Baghdad and move to a barren desert that is Palestine? The Zionists realized that the only way to attract the Jews to form a Jewish state is to create threats in this world and to strike fear in the hearts of the Jews.

In fact, Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, wrote in his diary:
?It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends. (From his Diary, Part I, pp. 16)

After the creation of the state of Israel, the Zionist used the inherent conflict of the Jewish state to make the Arabs go against the Jews in the Arab world. They even planted bombs in synagogues in Baghdad in 1950 to terrify to Iraqi Jews and thus encourage them to move to Israel.

In 1933, it was the Zionists who deliberately organized a boycott against Germany, to instigate anti-Semitism among the Germans. Later, this gave rise to the Holocaust that killed the Jews in epic proportion. Even during the time when they had the chance to liberate the European Jews from Nazi death camps, they prefer to let them perish. This is because, as a Zionist named Greenbaum put it, One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe. The Zionists even betrayed their own people. Yet, after the creation of Israel, they acted as the ?saviours? for the Jews!

The anti-Semitism has definitely taken its toll on the struggle against Israel. It is very tragic that Rabbi Teitelbaum was killed during the recent attack on the Jewish centre in Mumbai. Rabbi Teitelbaum belongs to a group of Orthodox Jews who oppose to the state of Israel. He is not even an Israeli citizen; yet he died in the hands of the Muslims who fight against Israel.. What a shame!

Rekindle old friendship

A Christian friend once asked me, If Islam and Judaism have a common origin, worship the same God, and there are a lot of similarities between the teachings of both religions, why is it that there is such a bitter conflict between the Muslims and the Jews?? Exactly! This should not be a battle of the Muslims against the Jews. Rather, this should be a battle of the God-fearing Muslims and Jews against a group of Jews who choose to disobey God and brought about evil atrocities to mankind.

Now is the time to re-educate the Muslims and the international community on the relationship between Muslims and Jews. For centuries, the Jews have been respected by the Muslims for following the teachings of the Holy Book of the earlier prophets. They are given special privilege as the People the Book or Ahlul-Kitab by the Muslim rulers of the Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman caliphates. The contributions of the Jews to the Islamic civilization have been well-documented. We shall make friends with the Jews once again ? the Jews who follow the true Judaism, while still show our hostility towards Israel and Zionism.

We have to invite the Orthodox Jewish rabbis to come to Muslim countries and hold press conferences to the Muslim nations to explain their stand on the issue of Palestine and gather support from the Muslims. We need to advertise this truce and friendship to the world. We need to see images of Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta to have handshakes, or even friendship hugs with eminent Muslim clerics like Sheikh Dr Yusof Al-Qardhawi. We need to see images of the Orthodox Jews giving handshake of approval to the Hamas leaders for their struggle to fight Israel. We need to see images of Jewish rabbis shaking hands with the Iranian President and other great Muslim leaders who have been vilified by the Zionist-controlled Western media. We have to show it to the world that the Muslims have made peace with the Jews and we are united in condemning Israel. When the Christian world and the West have seen the solidarity between the Jews and the Muslims, then only they will see the truth and eventually join us in fighting against the illegitimate state of Israel, on the basis of humanity.

The Demise of Zionism

The Zionists will not like this. With their large network of international terrorism, they will definitely try to instigate anti-Semitic act of terrorism. But by then, if the world community has been well-informed of the Zionist conspiracy, people will not buy such propaganda anymore. In fact, we, Muslims, should be proactive in giving protection to the Jewish community. For the Muslims to give protection to the Jewish people is actually nothing new. Throughout the history, Muslim rulers have been giving protection for all the Jews who have pledged allegiance to the Muslim caliphs. After the Spanish Reconquest, the Jews in the Iberian Peninsula fled south together with their Muslim neighbours because it was safer to live under the Muslim rule than to live in Catholic Spain. Even until today, the Jews who live in Morocco continue to enjoy special royal protection by the King. The Jews living in Iran still refuse to migrate to Israel, because they have been enjoying peaceful life in Iran, more so during the time of Imam Khomeini. The recent accusation that claims President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad to be anti-Semitic is just a baseless Zionist propaganda that carries no weight at all.

The only way to dismantle the state of Israel is to convince the Jewish people that it is a lot safer for them to live in anywhere else in the world than to live in the state of Israel. When there is no more anti-Semitism, Zionism will become IRRELEVANT, and will not have a place in the hearts of the Jewish people. The Jews in Israel will voluntarily migrate and leave the unlawful state of Israel. They will be more than happy to continue living in exile as decreed to them by God. Zionism will be weakened, the state of Israel will disintegrate and the land of Palestine will be returned to its rightful owner ? the people of Palestine. This is the only peaceful solution to end the conflict in the Middle East. Remember that the Palestinians are not just Muslims. 20% of the Palestinian population is Christian Arabs; they have the right to stay in the Holy Land. There are many Jewish families who have been living in Palestine for centuries, even before the creation of Israel in 1948; they, too, are Palestinian citizens and they have all the rights to continue to reside in Palestine.

Spread the Message

Now that we know the truth about the Zionist conspiracy and their evil tactics, we should propagate this message to all Muslims in the world. The Muslims living in Muslim countries should welcome the anti-Zionist Jews with red-carpet reception, when they give talks to explain their cause. The Zionists may have control over CNN, BBC News or Skynews. Hopefully, they have no control over Al-Jazeera, PressTV or our local TV stations and newspapers. Translate this message to Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Indonesian or any language spoken by the Muslims. We should start giving leaflets to everybody. Make use of the largest gathering of Muslims in the world the Haj. Let all the Haj pilgrims return to their homes with this message. For the Muslims who live in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia or countries in Europe, you should get in touch with the local anti-Zionist Jewish organizations. Make demonstrations and rallies together with them to show it to the public that the Muslims and the Jews are at peace and it is the Zionists who undermine this peace. Indeed the state of Israel never has the intention to make peace.

We should tell our leaders about it, get them to lobby the Orthodox Jews to come to conferences like the OIC summit or Arab League to explain their mission to the Muslim World. Unless, of course, if the leaders are well-known to have been bought over by the Israelis many times. (Well, you know who they are).

I know this is a huge responsibility. I have to remain anonymous as I think the Zionists will hunt me down and get me killed if they have read this. With the help from Allah, the propagation of this message should be done quickly and smoothly, before the Zionist threat alarm bell rings and they will try to stop this message from spreading further. May Allah reveal the truth to the people of the world. Insha Allah, Palestine will eventually be liberated and the sufferings of the Palestinians will end.

Muslim Peacemonger

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Comment by Larry Snider on January 3, 2010 at 3:45pm
Dear Seansmom,

I have taken a beating in a very mild way for my beliefs and at one point was even called a self-hating Jew in print because at the time my group raised funds for Jeff Halper's Israel Committee Against Home Demolitions. That doesn't make me a better person, or a person capable of truly understanding the meaning of the Nakba in 1948 or its meaning today. But as I have studied the issues I learned that one of the essential things that I could try to do was listen, even when it was really really difficult from a place deep in my heart to Palestinians and Israelis alike who speak from a place of pain, and anger and fear, all of which have been duely experienced. I went on my first Compassionate Listening journey to Israel/Palestine in 2001 and coordinated an interfaith one in March of 2008. It hasn't made me into a Palestinian, but I try to understand the perspective of others and to give all perspectives a reasonable airing. It is my belief that the conflict can only be resolved when Israelis and Palestinians undertake a national educational dialogue that teaches each about the other allowing each to present their own version of history because each has lived their own truth. This must be a dialogue for adults in the villages and towns and cities as well as for the children in schools. Here in America my group is trying to foster a dialogue between the faiths so that we can begin to understand each other and come together at times of pain as well as at moments of joy to provide comfort for each other.

In Peace,
Larry Snider
Comment by seansmom on January 3, 2010 at 3:09pm
Larry, the motive is for the protection of you in America, Europe etc, of Israelis, of all Palestinians and Palestine in general. The author is coming from a peaceful place. As you mention to me the Labor party, Palestine is nearly gone. I don't know how I am supposed to be moved by such statement. My focus is Palestine, after all. The land without her people. Or should I say, people without their land? Both?
Comment by seansmom on January 3, 2010 at 2:40pm
I'm sorry I did not offer a synopsis at the time of posting! While obviously not everyone is going to share the view of the religious (Muslim, Jew) and whatever else anyone would not share, what has to be shared and considered is relevant party's sentiments. I also consider protecting innocents as peace promoting.
Comment by harry deloria handenero on January 3, 2010 at 12:36pm
hello friend thanks for your issue that you share,,well that is only your idea and knowledge about what you have write,,you are correct that, if everyone only had a selfrespect ,,we can acheive what peace is to be,,,i like your story that you have been share in this organization ,,we should understand each and every one of as,,what are the feelings supposed to be share to others,,like for the freedom of choice ,,choice of religions to be,,in case of what are those riligions you have been mentions in this ,,just only to share and to say something that is the setuations their,,for my own opinion we can save all kinds of creations of god if and only if we people just know how to forget and forgive for what we made an error like that,,and if we can protect that we have it now. you friend even myself here just asking to my self why this things supposed to be happened,, it sometimes i realize that the anger or hatered in our mind or our hearts ,,sometimes i'ts so hard to forgive,,unless those people who committed sins or errors will make sure that they will give all or surrenders their errors to a persons whom they did it,,in the place that you have said yes i agree that the palestinian people were still,, human being that we need to help by means of peace making and i beleive too that the peace in that place will exist and will grow and grow for the better future of this coming generations,,in case of what they were kind of people either antisemitism,israel,judaism,zionism whatever,,we should respect what they are and maybe that is the one sulotion that peace of that different kind of people they are will go on ,,well friend this is only my own comments i hope that you admit and read this ,,and thanks that you share this so that some people will have a knowledge about this kinds of religions or different kinds of people in different part this world ,and me god bless this organizations again and you more power to you hope to do good and better for this to see you here friend in my place ,you can open my page for you further information about my self welcome..and have a happy new year to you and your family too.
Comment by Paul RETI on January 3, 2010 at 10:24am
Are the views in this article representative of Muslim?
Comment by Paul RETI on January 3, 2010 at 10:23am
Will anything anything in this article help ease the suffering of any Palestinian people or will this and such articles simply aggravate the suffering of the Palestinian people?
Comment by Paul RETI on January 3, 2010 at 10:20am
Does this article promote peace in any way?

Does this article contain material that some here may well find offensive?

Does this article contain fallacious or misleading information?

Is there any merit in attempting to discuss this article in any rational way?
Comment by Larry Snider on January 3, 2010 at 9:03am
Dear Seansmom,

I do not believe that there is any one truth that defines the two peoples and three religions that populate Israel/Palestine. I am a Jewish American so my experience is different from that of an Israeli and far different from that of a Palestinian or a Palestinian American be they Muslim or Christian. And then there is no monolithic Israeli or Palestinian position. There are many political parties and many denominations as well as believers in a secular based state. As for me, I must personally disagree with your definition of Zionism and must tell you that the Neuteri Karta is a tiny, (lets say generously speaking less than 1000), group of Orthodox Jews who do not support the State of Israel. All mainstream Orthodox paths in Israel and here in the United States are deeply committed to the State of Israel as are the Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist denominations as well as the Jewish Renewal Movement. I will keep my comments brief because I desire to look for and find common ground. Today their is no one form of modern Zionism either. The goals of the Likud ruling Party are far different from the Labor Party or other left leaning Parties in the government and their followers which include what I believe to ultimately be millions of Israelis who believe in and seek a lasting peace with the Palestinian people and the PNA.. There are Zionist settlers who believe literally in the promise that G-d made in Genesis to Abraham/Ibrahim concerning the land and believe it is their responsibility to populate all the lands of a Greater Israel. There are others, many others who believe that it is a land to be shared and that it is their responsibility to promote justice, understanding and reconciliation between the two peoples. Most of the second group would consider themselves as modern Zionists still infused with a belief in their right to the land but clearly aware of the equal rights and longevity of another people. It is in this context that I would suggest you consider the future as opposed to a future without Zionists/Israelis. I believe that great progress is possible and that peace will come if enough people there and here are partners in its genesis.

Larry Snider
Comment by seansmom on January 3, 2010 at 1:51am
PS- the anonymous author is not me! I don't fear for my life, I am just an American mom in the suburbs:-) but to be sure my agenda is to promote awareness. What is peace without it?


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