Are you really interested in peace? Seriously, think about this... when was the last time you lived life to the fullest? I'm talking about with a pure heart, without any prejudice. I was outside my work and I saw these three toddlers two boys one girl, a african american, a caucasan, and hispanic (mexican) toddlers. Only two of them spoke english, the other only spoke spanish. You can guess it was (I just made that name up.. it's okay.. I'm Mexican) Actually maybe they didn't speak at all anyhow, they got along. I watched them playing together.

I had a revelation, you want peace? ... It's like that John Lennon song goes,... "...Imagine if there was no religion.." . Wow talk about thinking outside of the box. What if we lose our identity? Then I guess I wouldn't belong on this dot org. huh? Well, truth be said, Eyal Raviv inspires me.

I use to pray, may God ( I'm Christian so.. I use the term fully spelled) show me your spirit. I'm very grateful that, never happened. I can only imagine how wrong I must've had it all along. Talk about mercy.

Maybe war and rumors of war abound because we refuse to leave thousands of years of tradition? Hatred in my opinion is traditional. Am I wrong? Would you even dare to imagine.. and put it out there on a blog?

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Comment by Emilio Lucero on December 19, 2008 at 12:54am
Those are some very beautiful words. YOu really think that 'education' is the key? I have to disaggree. Education has only taught us to how to build fences, construct weapons, & keep other's in our depts. We need less of 'education' and more humanity. We need famillies, not idiologies. We need rocks, sticks, & fire.. and toss our note pads, guns, & crosses away.. WE will not be the last generation of making the mistake of 'thinking too much of ourselves'.. history is full of examples. The spanish crown sent Columbus to discover the edge of the world (America) only to have it's fortresses fail fue to deases & loss of heart (vision). Only when Great Britian sent famillies where the colonies successful. It was the foundation of 'family' that finally out lasted conventional thinking.

WE need 24 hours of testamonials of lost lives on radio or television in the middle east. The tears of a mother for her lost child, need to bring home the heart of the anguish.. not the 'education-al self important thieology.. After all, the underlining injustice here isn't the barracades or lost of 'rights of passage'.. the injustice here is the suffering of lost lives.

Education is good in making life easier and intern education will turn every thing into a black and white page with no true meter of injustice. I dare say, those that are popular words. I have stopped lookiing for the obvious and have started looking for the 'unthinkable' solution. Peace in the middle east will only be achieved when mothers are allowed to show thier grief on both sides of the barracades.

MOthers all have one thing in common, desire for the best for thier children. The word Catastrophe means 'text book' to me.. but the word familly makes everything 'personal & familliar'.
Comment by eileen fleming on December 12, 2008 at 7:17pm
Not only have i dared to IMAGINE;
I have put it out there on You Tube:

IMAGINE: A Sisterhood of Man

"The struggle is in the mind. We must bury our own monsters and stop condemning people. We are all Christ and Hitler. We want Christ to win. We're trying to make Christ's message contemporary. What would he have done if he had advertisements, records, films, TV and newspapers! Christ made miracles to tell his message. Well, the miracle today is communications, so let's use it."-John Lennon

The more I learn, of less I am certain,
except for the need to remain open
to the Mystery we call God;

Creator of unfathomable diversity
Artist of intricate details
who crafted verdant mountains where fragile flowers dwell
who designed the ocean depths
and no human eyes have yet to read their deepest tales.

So it is with us;
unknown realities within
The Divine indwells;
thirstily seeking us as we search hungrily for what we desire to possess;
Peace of mind and life to the full.

So many voices in the world striving to convince, when all that really matters is the peace that can be within;

Begins with Detachment from outcome,
just do your best.

When one lets go of the need to control and to self-defend
When one has a heart for the poor and oppressed
When one seeks and sees The Divine within all creatures and events
When one trusts The Holy is in control-although the daily news denies it.
When one accepts The Other has a plan and desires to find it.
When one comes to understand The Eternal Mystery is more than any concept
And welcomes the diversity of men rather than deny them.

When one accepts we will not stand on any accomplishment,
But on our motives and the love that drives it.

When one is aware that evil as well as good cut through every human heart
And learns to make friends with silence
The Light is ever present to guide us.

Silent time in nature is as necessary as bread
Prayer is poetry and service her manifestation.

To forgive is divine and necessary to be divinely forgiven.
And therein lies the peace that passes all understanding.

And every drop of dew are but tears from heaven,
Shed each day a new,
For me, for you
For what we did and did not do
To help bring in The Kingdom.

And the Kingdom comes from above and it comes from within.

IMAGINE a kingdom of sisterhood of all nations and all men.

I do.

I also believe that education is the way to compassion, and compassion the way to change.

So for the 6th time since June 2005, I left my sanctuary to go-bear witness and report from Israel and occupied Palestine as my way to commemorate 2008;

The 60th Anniversaries of Israel, NAKBA and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

And as this is almost and what have you done?

Celebrate 60 years of Israel

Commemorate 60 years of Al Nakba/The Catastrophe

Honor 60 years of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights



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