In India Famous Microeconomics Law of Demand and Supply fail to Work on two important consumable goods viz., demand for Diesel/Petrol and supply of Cell phones


The Famous Marshall’s propagated microeconomics Law of Demand that states "when prices of a commodity rise its demand falls, ceteris peribus (other factors remaining the same)” fail to operate in case of demand for petroleum products like diesel and petrol; what is being witnessed here in India is that with increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, the demand also has been increasing….

Similarly, Law of Supply, that states “when prices of a good/service rise producers are more willing to supply that product in the market for maximizing their profits, thus price of a good and its supply in the market are positively related, ceteris peribus (means other things/factors remaining the same or constant)”, fails to explain the supply behaviour of Cell (Mobile) phones producing companies. What is being witnessed in Mobile Cell Market here in India  is “higher the supply of Cell (Mobile) phones by the Cell Phone producing companies with constantly decreasing prices of their products”.

The above situations can be explained by the hidden economic law that is being planned to gear up or operate by the ruling bourgeoisie class who have taken a cunning way to influence or distort the economic behaviours of the toiling masses and thereby to rob their hard earned money by the way of alluring them to spend heavily on luxury items for example…now even a bridegroom from a very poor family demands unhesitatingly a motorcycle or a car (if the boy is employed in a good institution) as dowry along with vehicles fare to attend the Barat (bridegroom party attending the bride’s house on the day of marriage), all expenses on preparing decorative tent for reception of marriage party and high powered sound system for amusement. Similarly, injection of degraded individualism in mass mind towards maintaining privacy in talking between two persons for non-professional activities and its correct assessment by the Cell Mobile companies has been responsible for increasing the supply of cell phones along with constantly decreasing prices…

Someone may ask, whether these are natural or healthy economic phenomenon? I would simply say no these are not natural or healthy phenomenon. Again someone may ask why such unhealthy economic phenomenon? This is simply because the ruling capitalist class who manage to maintain their supremacy in the entire economic activities or production system (which includes production, distribution and consumption), want to confuse the common masses including the intellectual masses, so that they fail to develop rational thoughts to grasp and understand the economic phenomenon and ultimately develop fatalism as the destiny to our economic discourse. In this backdrop they (ruling elites) try to dehumanize the social environment and empower themselves to extract maximum profit from minimum investments/efforts. Investment on mass media including communication through cell phones and internet is the glaring example of it. Such a confusing state of social minds would indeed be helpful for developing fascistic design of governance by the exploiting ruling class in view of sustaining their rule.

  We the enlightening section of people should come forward to foil all the game plans of the bourgeoisie class and convince the masses that isolation from the commons for satisfying petty individual gains/profits/satisfaction under the inducements of the capitalist class  would lead to destruction of human society… so capitalism should be buried once for all through mass revolution and its grave the greenery of socialism need to be developed to safeguard the interests of the commons...  

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