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Rachel Corrie   (1979- 2003)  An American hero


She was an American citizen with a Palestinian blood

Today 16, March 2011, marks the 8th anniversary of the tragedy killing of Ms, Rachel Corrie , she killed by Israeli caterpillar D9 bulldozer, she killed while she defining a Palestinian home from demolition in Rafah , Gaza strip in March 2003. According to other activists how were with her, Rachel Climbed up on the Bulldozer to talk with Israeli operator and she was in a dialogue with the him as a trial to stop demolishing this home and then she climbed down and sat in front of the caterpillar, suddenly the operator in control of a huge machine drove her, then he backed up and ran over her again and again. Rachel Corrie was an American member of International Solidarity Movement (ISM ) with many of different peace activist who dedicated themselves to defining the Palestinian people from the recurrent Israeli attacks and to stop the daily killing and demolishing of Palestinians homes by the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza Strip.

The American Zionist media never berated any words and the Israeli promised to carry out a complete transparent investigation and autopsy for her to discover the causes of her killing, but unfortunately, the Israeli investigation showed that she put herself under the bulldozer and the Israeli operator, a Russian Immigrate to Israeli, said he never saw her or even heard her because the limited space in the bulldozer he have to see. Also the Israelis blamed the International Solidarity Movement that they took the activist in the killing zone and pushed them in dangerous actions .and the Israeli stated that the death was due to the restricted angle of view of caterpillar drive while the ISM eyewitness activist said :( there was nothing to obscure the drive’s view) .however, She shouted in megaphone and she was wearing orange floursent jacket

Rachel Corrie ,a 23  an American  young woman years old  ,she was born on April ,1979 and raised in Olympia ,Washington .USA, she was the youngest of 3 children of Craig Corrie. She was a student of the Evergreen State College and she took one year off  from  her studies  to join the protesters of ISM in Gaza Strip ,she initiated a “City Sister ” a project between Olympia and Rafah, and also she organized a Pen-Pal program between  kids of Rafah and Olympia, Rachel sent her mother a series of e-email while she was in Gaza and later it published on a memorial book entitled “ Let Me Stand Alone” .In addition ,she wrote to her mother :” The vast majority of Palestinian right now ,as far as I can tell, are engaged in Gandhian nonviolent resistance “ her letters later formed the basis of theater play “My Name Is Rachel Corrie”.

Corrie’s death spared controversy and led to international media coverage, in part of she was an American and in other part of the conflict itself. So, Immediately the International Amnesty USA called to suspend the transfer of American bulldozer to the Israeli Army. Then  the  Palestinian people have been expressing their condolence throughout the memorial events, and we still tagging the graffiti and posters with this “she was an American citizen with Palestinian blood” and we still never forget her forever as well as the a group of Rahcel Corrie with many peace makers has been conducted a memorial event in Gaza with posters and graffiti showed her heroic actions towards peace and humanity and she will remembered by Palestinian people and all freedom fighter  and peacemakers around the world



By, Omar Hawajri

Social activist and peacemaker

Palestine, Gaza Strip

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