In your opinion, what are the most obstacles for peace process to be consolidated in the Middle East?

 Firstly, from my opinion, there are many things that make peace process and negotiation more difficult for both sides. Such as not accepting and ignorance each others, the continuing of settlements building, the extremist in the both side, and the governments policy.

Morever, there are something can only the governments can do for peace process to be consolidated in the Middles East like negotiation binding agreements ,but there something that only citizens can do outside the governments to enhance the peace process and mutual understanding such as changing human relationships. We can call it (public peace process campaigns)

So, the following examples show us and explaining the main obstacles for peace process.

Firstly, the extremists leaders on both sides of the Palestinian –Israeli Conflict who didn’t have the strong desire to make peace agreements .and the majority of people who desire peace and mutual understanding must join forces to isolated those extremists.

Secondly, on the Israeli side, the continuing building of Israeli settlements in West Bank which restricting the area available to Palestinian state and make peace more difficult. On the other hands, the Israeli Knesset Structure, is like no one party has ever earned the majority of full control in the government. And the government with most members is asked to organize the government that is made up of several parties, leaving it exposed to whims and extremism of the least of the collation, and any attempt to make peace agreements with the other side is rejected with some extremist members in the government. So, from my perspective. No Israeli government can make peaces unless it has full control of the Knesset, and it's not going to happen in the foreseeable future. In addition, the Israeli business community likes the status quo, and they have no incentive to change the situations. So, the Palestinian community has to make Israeli business lose monetarily. In doing this, then the Israeli business community will put pressure on his government to make a lasting peace agreements.

Thirdly, the ignorance of each others, because most of Palestinian and Israeli never, never met each others, In addition, today the citizens wait their governments and no one wants to listen. So, the power today is the citizen who have desire to meet each others and listen.

In fact, the majority of people fear and do not trust the "other." They "desire" peace, but they do not desire relationships. As a result, the majority of people fear and do not trust the "other." One of Most obstacles is ignorance that causes fear, because the people do not know each other. And governments are paralyzed if their people are fearful and see negotiations as weakness.

By, Omar Mohammed, Peace building Activist, Gaza

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Comment by Omar MHD on September 8, 2011 at 4:51am

This is my reply  to a question  in peace paper questionair .


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