This is the case of Ms. Kakoli Mahato W/O Shibtygi Sinha, Age -35 years, Advocate in Jamshedpur Civil Court. The incident took place in her newly constructed house at New Kumrum, Pardih, Jamshedpur, near Big Bazar at about 9.00 pm on 13th August, 2013. After returning from her tiring daily duty, when Ms. Kakoli was resting with her four years kid (her husband was out of station that day), she heard a sound in the top floor of her house; immediately she rushed to the top floor where the culprit in drunken condition attacked her from back by tightening her mouth; finding her in an unprepared situation, she applied her force to come out from the clutch of the culprit and lastly jumped from the upstairs to the ground floor, the culprit chased her charging with iron rod and coming down he opened the main gate of the house allowing another three drunken persons to enter. All four then caught hold to rape her. In flatten situation one could insert his fingers to her vagina (that later caused severe bleeding) and another was getting prepared to rape her in this particular moment, the neighbors X rushed to the sport after hearing her crying. Among the neighbors, the ladies acted furiously in beating randomly to the drunken culprits and thus, escape Ms. Kakoli from their clutches. Later they took her to hospital and reported the case in the nearby police station. The police acted promptly and identified the culprits and arrested them. Three days later, the culprit’s wives with the patronage of one ex-MLA (from BJP) submitted a false FIR in the same police station where Kaoli lodged FIR against the culprits and on the basis of that very FIR the culprits were identified and taken to custody. The Culprit's wives alleged that the victim quarreled with them (wives of the culprits) on any issue on the afternoon of the day of incident (13th August 20130 and she (now victim) openly declared to take revenge against them (culprit families) by trapping their husbands into a rape case.... Surprisingly, the same police station without investigating into the fact accepted the FIR and sent the case to the court. Now question arises, if such decorative false FIR (with the help of money, muscle power and political/relational influences) could be lodged against a dignified and reputed woman advocate, then one can imagine of the situation of the ordinary tribal woman who has no resource to stand for her protection. Such an awkward situation for women including woman police has been prevailing all over the country. If such nefarious acts of falsification are allowed without proper investigation, then the culprits would be escaped and faiths of the common people on judiciary would be diluted.

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