I am inspired by the change happening in America. What about you? What do you think of the American election results?

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Comment by Hilary Bittenbender on November 15, 2008 at 1:54am
I have to say I agree with Donna \\\\ I live in a town in NC, where my husband was actually concerned (for safety reasons), about putting an Obama sign in the front yard. The KKK is a real thing here, and even more real is the hatred of some that has been passed down through the generations \\\which I dont see as an American problem but a universal problem.. My own uncle called me a n....\ lover; so to underestimate the message that this election sends to not only Americans who have been disheartened by the strangle hold that the Bush " big oil dynasty " has had on us for the past eight years, but to the world ...that if you hope and pray and believe, then something better can happen.....we can now only hope that people will continue to stand up and be heard....and that peace will prevail.
Comment by Donna Martin on November 9, 2008 at 9:42am
Our democracy here in America is what our hope is about...the majority believe the change we need to regain credibility of the value of freedom has been more than presented by Mr. Obama. the fact that the majority have selected a man of color is in itself a huge move to a better quality of life we want not only for ourselves but others. One must remember that our leaders are not the only ones who have allowed hatred and civil war and we do not think of ourselves as saviors...the cost these past 7+ years have created for us not only in lost lives but economically is at a price no other country can even begin to understand...the important thing to remember is change is needed to correct many wrongs and the change this man has brought about is historical and offers hope like no other...and we look forward to a better world that includes many other countries...not just our own. You are right Tony when you say seeing is believing...but hope is the motivator for the changes we need... if we do not have hope how can we possibly expect to change anything...
Comment by Tony Robin Bulley on November 7, 2008 at 2:01am
My friend sad to say americans are as one would say drama queens , when all the hub bub has died down it will be back to business again , which is my friend selective peace keeping , according to where oil and stability are in their interests, at 63 ive seen it all , the americans are not the saviours of the world in fact in many countries theey have gone into in the name of peace they have created more hatred and civil war than there was there in the first place , apart from counting the innocent women and children who have died ,

Their new president offers them hope , in him they are clinging to a last straw , before the empire of the world collapses and is blown away in the dust of time , sad but true they cant even run or mange their own ciountry yet alone anywhere else , history has shown this .

But time will tell , dont hold out any hope or hold your breathe seeing is believing


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